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I’ve never been one for contributing to anthologies. Maybe it was because of a not so good experience with a secular writing group about ten years ago. On that occasion, I contributed a ghost story for children. The sales income went to the editor/group leader and we were pressurised into buying copies for our own families. We signed forms but I didn’t really know what that was about. The heat was on. Some members of the group were willing to part with £400 to buy into the system. The group leader had speaking events throughout the year and would take the copies to sell them there. Of course, knowing what I know now about the difficulties of getting published, it really wasn’t so bad. Maybe the problem was that I had only just began serious writing and this seemed so mercenary and fiercely competitive. I had joined the group to improve my writing but I didn’t learn anything about the craft. I just felt under pressure all the time. I left. 

More recently I have contributed to devotional publications, namely Scripture Union and Word & Worship, both South African publications. I’m working on another devotional week due for publication for 2024. I found there are advantages.

Firstly, you make your contribution but you don’t have to produce the whole book. You get feedback from the editor. Sometimes you get to know other contributors. You receive the finished product free of charge. You can use the material on another project. And yeah you get see your name in print (is that pride sneaking in?). So, I’ve changed my mind about collective projects.



About the Author

Rosalie Weller is an ordained minister in the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa. She has contributed to “Closer to God” the South African Scripture Union Devotional in 2020, 2023 and 2024, Worship & Word UPCSA Devotional 2024. She has written several bible study guides, available on Amazon, a historical novel, and a bereavement journal. Her YouTube channel highlights a biblical reflection and an original poem every month. Website


  1. I had a recent experience contributing to an anthology project. I found it to be too constrictive, restrictive and far too prescriptive. It's not for me, so sadly pulled out.

    1. Yes I can imagine it could be like that and I suppose it also depends on what sort of writing it is. I was happy to receive the guidelines they gave, so it worked for me.

  2. Happy Mothers' Day!! Thanks Rosalie. Blessings.

  3. Thanks Rosalie - I've never tried that but maybe I should


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