When Dreams Become Reality

Once upon a time a talented American musician called Byron, was spending some time with God, seeking to understand where the music industry was going. He saw a picture in his mind of a CD with a big bite taken out of it. He knew the music industry was headed into a new world, and he got the idea that there should be a company built for Christian artists where their music could be downloaded from the internet (this all happened in 1997, pre Napster, iTunes, etc). The vision of the CD with the bite out of it led to the name Eat-A-CD – but who would take this idea and run with it?

Fast forward a few years: Byron was chatting with his Scottish friend Gregor. Gregor was expressing his frustration at trying to find new Christian music, this was all the opening Byron needed to share his vision for Eat-A-CD and see if Gregor was interested in going for it. Gregor shared the idea with his brother and sister-in-law, Innes and Caroline, and the dream got that bit closer to reality.

Fast forward another few years and eatacd.com is now up and running: we dropped the hyphens from the name; we extended the idea from being only for music to also including eBooks, poetry, teaching, resources, photography; we now have over 80 artists on the site.

So what is eatacd.com? Well that’s always a bit difficult to explain:

· eatacd.com is a sales channel – selling digital downloads from the website, and physical products at events

· eatacd.com also has a radio programme - a weekly show aired on Revival FM, showcasing the products available for download from eatacd.com (mainly music, but also includes readings from eBooks, poetry, teaching)

· We have get togethers with artists, often leading to collaborations between the artists.

· We work with charities and local organisations in promoting independent artists.

We’re passionate about helping and supporting independent artists in any way we can. There are lots of amazingly talented people out there. People who have been given a gift to sing, to write, play instruments. People who are often looking for a launch pad to spring out from in taking their creative offerings from dream to reality.

At eatacd.com we’re always looking for new artists to join our catalogue, so if you’re interested in having your book on eatacd.com, get in touch with Caroline - caroline@eatacd.com.

And somewhere in amongst all this company dreaming and planning Caroline wrote her debut novel, ‘What If?’. Because once you’ve started pursuing one dream you realise you have other dreams waiting to be brought to life too.

‘What If?’ is about a fourteen year old girl called Rachel and the things that happen to her at school as she steps out into the brave new world of taking part in the school play and imagining her school days with Jesus walking beside her. It’s not an auto biography, but Caroline definitely used her memories and experiences of high school to write it.

About the Author

Caroline lives in Paisley with her husband, Innes, and three children. She is marketing director at eatacd.com, author of What If?, on the committee of the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers, as well as some other bits and pieces that keep life interesting and varied!

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