KISS by Jane Clamp

I suppose it's not the best admission a writer could make, but I feel a bit "worded out" at the moment. A series of deadlines and pressures to finish not only on time but to standard has left me verbally exhausted. A return to the day-job hasn't helped - I can barely string two words together.

Words are everywhere: in speech, in books, on notice-boards - there's no avoiding them. And the phrase which comes to mind is KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. I mean, do we have to be so generous with the quantity? Could less really be more? It got me thinking about short phrases that have made a big impact on me.

Wow! A word from a friend which made my heart sing. It was her unrestrained reaction to seeing me one day, when I'd felt my life had been spinning. These three letters told me that, in fact, I had been on the equivalent of the Potter's wheel, and had apparently been noticeably transformed in the process!

Well done. Two little words which can lift the spirits of anyone who fears they have been labouring in vain. Frankly, don't waste your breath adding to this phrase. Hearing it as it is, is enough.

I'm sorry. Not always easy to articulate or release from the lips, but capable of healing souls, mending relationships and preventing wars.

I love you. An astonishing set of three words which, when spoken carelessly or inappropriately can dilute their impact, but carefully applied can make a person blush and glow, thaw frosty hearts and practically bring the dead back to life.

If we needed further example, I believe the shortest verse in the Bible is "Jesus wept." If ever I wanted to find out what Jesus felt about me, I simply need to look at those two words to understand the depth of love my Saviour has for His friends.

You see, we don't need to say a lot; but let's make sure we keep saying the things that really matter.

Jane Clamp is Creative Writer in Residence on the Sunday Morning Breakfast Show at BBC Radio Norfolk and on the Thought of the Day team at Premier Radio. She serves on the ACW committee as Groups' Coordinator.


  1. This reminded me of Jesus' instructions to his disciples about prayer, and how we don't need to use lots of complicated words and flowery phrases when we talk to God. Well done! ��

  2. Good advice. :)


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