Everything You Do by Mandy Baker Johnson

Last Wednesday I went to a dance as worship evening. I'd signed up for it a few weeks previously, then had a minor panic: 'What have I done? This is my worst nightmare.' I was always the kid in PE at the back of the room doing as little as possible in a very unco-ordinated, awkward sort of way.

Ladies in graceful, flowing costumes demonstrated and talked about portraying biblical truths in dance. I was drawn even while thinking, 'But I'm not a dancer, I'm a writer.'

The next day at home I decided to try it out. I put on a familiar worship song and slowly danced around the room trying to express physically what I was feeling spiritually. I was surprised at what happened.

I enjoyed it.

I sensed God enjoying it.

It felt intimate. Some of the personal things I was expressing are known only to God and me, history between the two of us alone, stuff that means something to us.

I realised that it doesn't matter how graceful I am or not, or whether I'm in rhythm or not. What matters is that the truths in the Bible are real and make my heart zing, resulting in worship.

Just as God values us making a joyful noise when we express our love and adoration, He loves seeing me dance for His pleasure.

When I was mulling over this blog post, I could almost hear some people say, 'But we are meant to worship God all the time with the whole of our lives, everything we do should be to His glory.' That's true. But it's too vague. What does it really mean to worship God?

Jesus said that the Father wants people to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. The word 'worship' in this context is the same as to reverently kiss.

The Father is looking for - as Heidi Baker puts it - laid-down lovers.

Whether we exult in God through singing, dancing, writing, painting, or by washing pots, He sees our hearts and loves receiving our adoration.

I'm just learning how to be a worshiper, a laid-down lover of God. This is what I was made to do. And He's worth it because He's amazing and awesome and wonderful and loves me more than I can begin to imagine.

Mandy Baker Johnson is a private medical secretary and freelance writer. She enjoys blogging and recently co-authored her first book, Drawn from Words. She volunteers with a Christian charity working with women in the sex industry, and is currently researching this area for her second book.


  1. In Scotland, we have a group called Movement in Worship and anyone can join. They are brilliant to watch in action. David 'danced before the Lord' and nowhere does it say he was a great or trained dancer. Carry on dancing, Mandy!


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