What Writing Does For You by Allison Symes

Writing does many things for us including:-

1.  Helping us to appreciate the art of creation (and our Creator). It is a joy to take part in creativity.
2.  Helping us to develop empathy as you create characters. For them to work, you must be convinced your people could be “real” and so need to understand where they come from. You don’t have to like them though!
3.  Helping us to appreciate literacy. Writers need to read widely so we get two bites at this cherry and see literacy from both sides of the fence.

What aspect of creativity appeals to you the most? Pixabay image

How can we make the most of this wonderful gift?

Whatever you write, it is vital you enjoy it.
It will be enjoyment which helps keep you going when all that comes in are rejections. I believe something of a writer’s love for creating a story or an article comes through in what is written. Readers pick that up subconsciously.

I have read pieces which strike me as dull. There has been no love in that writing. I can read a piece of, say, scientific writing on a topic I know nothing about and be riveted because the writer is showing their love for their subject and communicates it well to a layman. I love that enthusiasm.

Whatever you use to work with, enjoying the writing is crucial. Pixabay image.

How can you ensure you do enjoy your writing? A number of things help me.

I need a writing routine.
I need to know, on most days, at a set time, I’ll be writing. I see this as my “me being creative” time and it a highlight of my day. I have Classic FM on as I write. I’m not sure what it is about classical music that helps me relax. All I know is it does. The more relaxed I am, the more productive I am. Having said that, I know writers who must work in silence. Think about what works for you here.

I don't know what it is about classical music that is so relaxing, all I know is that it is and it helps my productivity. Pixabay

I mix what I write.
For some sessions, I only write flash fiction. For others I’ll get my Chandler’s Ford Today post ready or indeed the blog for More Than Writers. I’ll sometimes spend a session just submitting stories for competitions.

A variety of writing “tasks” spurs me on and ensures I never become bored. That I think is crucial.

There will be times when you will feel THIS way about how your writing is going! Try to focus on the love of writing which kickstarted your writing and see this as a passing phase. It is, honestly!  Pixabay

If you are focusing on one project, such as a novel, and you are becoming bogged down, how about taking some time out to think about what will happen once you have finished your book. (We know you will finish the book!).

Where will you submit it? Make a list of publishers if you don’t already know. Jot down marketing thoughts. Then back to the book. Even when working on one thing, there are still ways you can mix things up. Variety is the spice of the writing life.

Could not have put it better! Pixabay image.

I regularly review writing goals. This helps me focus on what I want to achieve and by when. It also allows for circumstances changing. Only the Ten Commandments were set in stone, after all.

Happy writing!

Having a nice drink and chocolate seems to be a good idea to me for settling down to write! Pixabay image.


  1. Yes, if writing starts to be boring, it is time for a change.

  2. Agreed. Mixing it up really helps and of course so does a hot drink and some chocolate! Writers should be prescribed a daily dose I feel as it's such a vital part of our writing journey.

    1. Indeed, Susan. Writing should be fun. Not necessarily easy but it should be fun!

      Ruth, I combine the two. My hot drink is Options hot chocolate - win-win there! Love the idea of a daily dose of chocolate to eat though. The chocolate manufacturers would be on permanent overtime I suspect.


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