World Book Day!

Wow, I have a full day of school bookings two hours away from where I live.  It must be...World Book Day!

If you are reading this blog, the chances are you know at least one person who has written a book: so, how can you help this clever friend/acquaintance/family member to celebrate their success on this day?
Here's one way of promoting a good book...

Well, let's think, have you read their book?


Then buy it and read it!  But buy it imaginatively and generously.  Don't just skip straight to Amazon and find the cheapest used copy.  Get the ISBN and order the book from your local bookstore, raising awareness of your friend and supporting the bookstore at the same time.

But their book is not my style/genre/I don't have time to read/I hate reading...

Well, buy it as a gift for someone else, or donate it to your library, or if it's a children's book, to your local school.  Or leave it on a train!  You could write a hashtag in the front and trace where it goes on twitter!

I don't have enough money right now.

Fair enough - then ask for it in your local library.  Even if they don't have it and aren't able to order it for you, they might consider getting it in stock - either way, you've raised awareness of the book for your friend.  Also, put it on your wishlist.  See if you can get an affordable Kindle version.  Ask your writer friend if you can borrow (not have - they pay for each copy, you know!) a copy so that you can read and review it for them.

All right, all right, I've got hold of a copy.  Now what?

Before you settle down to read, why not post a selfie of you with the book on social media, letting everyone know how proud you are of your friend for all their hard work?

I've read their book!

Great!  Now please post a review!  Put it everywhere you can find that asks for reviews - Amazon, Goodreads, the publisher's website, your own blog, a random post-it note left on the shelf in Waterstone's...everywhere!  It doesn't matter, by the way, if it isn't a glowing review.  Much as we'd all love to be five-star authors with an unblemished record, it's actually useful to have honest, thoughtful and critical reviews which show that real people have read the book.  Not everything is to everyone's taste.  Give it two stars if you have to, and explain (nicely!) why, especially if you begin with praise for something you did like, and finish with a recommendation to the kind of people you think might enjoy the book.

I've done all of that!  I've bought and read and reviewed everything my friend has ever written!

You're the best friend any author could have.  There is just one thing left to do.  Go to their house.  Bring cheesecake.  And ask them how the writing's going.

Amy Robinson is on the ACW committee as publicity officer. She has published three books on puppetry and storytelling with Kevin Mayhew, writes regular scripts and materials for GenR8, and blogs when she can. She has decided that 2017 will be the year of completion for three on-the-go projects, including her first children's novel. This is probably unrealistic.


  1. or - buy a copy AND ask the library for one. (and btw I know it's shallow to comment on appearances, especially for women, but what a fab dress)

  2. Brilliant, Amy! Sometimes I think it's good to remind people that books don't grow on trees... ;-)

  3. Great post! As a reader I'm trying to do all these things. As a writer, I know what favours to call in when the time comes!

  4. Oh Amy this is fabulous! Such great, practical ideas. Well done!

  5. Fantastic. Have shared. Wendy, do we have buttons for sharing on FB/Twitter, etc?

  6. I like the idea of leaving books on a train...

  7. Great post, Amy. I've read this one pictured of Amy Boucher Pye's and very good it is too. Also good to leave a review. I haven't had any on my book for a while and I wonder about other people. We should try to read other members of the ACW books as much as we can. Read James Prescott's Mosiac of Grace recently, also good book.

  8. This is a lovely post and I hope it is widely read and acted upon!


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