Procrastination Station by Wendy H. Jones

I read an excellent blog recently, by Chris Longmuir, What's Your Favourite Dispalcement Activity? Not only was this an excellent blog but it made me think. How often do I procrastinate when I write? What is it I find more fascinating than sitting at a desk and writing?

I love writing, but sometimes I am not sure where my plot is going, or even what to write next. This is when my favourite procrastination activities kick in. What are they. You can tell how well my plot is going by how clean my house is. If it is cleaned to within an inch of its life, with every surface gleaming, then my writing is not goin gwell. A similar tale can be told about my ironing pile. The larger it is, the better my book is going, and vice versa.

Social Media is a great procrastination tool. I can spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and probably some sites you have never even heard of. Wordeo or Word Swag anyone? Blogging and email can also be a time suck. I can convince myself I am working. Gazing at sunsets such as the one above is also good. Although I have to admit this can often be helpful rather than distracting. 

It is all to easy to spend a lot of time doing other things instead of actually writing. Often when I don't know where to go on a plot  the best thing to do is write a different part of it. This usually gets the creative juices flowing. The place I am stuck will then become clear when I stop thinking about it. I can continue with my tale. 

It is time for me to get back to my WIP. What are your Favourite procrastination tool? I would love to know. I am always willing to learn new tricks. 


  1. I guess we'll all post our comments about three days late on this one...


    It seems to be a writer’s fate
    Always to procrastinate
    To put off doing or re-allocate
    To another time or better date
    The thing that really must get done
    But getting started is no fun
    And there’s other things that must come first
    (Like composing random bits of verse)
    So no point in getting in a state
    Just accept - it will be late.

  3. I love the fact that procrastinate is such a long word. Just by mentioning it, especially if you say it slowly, you've put things off for another few minutes.

    1. What a beautiful ploy Fran. I am off to practice saying it in different ways


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