Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tracing the Journey, by Lucy Mills

Recently I took part in a 'blogging from A to Z Challenge'. This takes place during April. Each day, except Sundays, you write a blog post. And yes, you work your way through from A until - you guessed it! - Z.

You can write about anything, using that day's letter, but some choose to have an overall theme for their posts.  I chose to do it that way - and my theme was 'My Writing Journey'. (You can see all my posts in this category here.)

This was inspired by a talk I'd given a few months ago on that very theme.

I had been amazed, when it came to it, how much there was to say - and this prompted me to explore it further.

Often we get hung up on all our 'haven'ts' and 'not yets'. We dwell on what we have not done and never feel able to do.  But by putting that aside, and looking at the journey in a more organic way - in terms of our own growth as writers - we can be encouraged.

These days I look back and am glad my early pieces were rejected.  I hadn't found my 'voice' at that point - the writing jars on me now. I'm relieved it wasn't published.

I think about the 'small' triumphs, the startling moments along the way, and remember to treasure them. I think about how my plans turned into something different, as God nudged me in unexpected directions.

Someone as forgetful as I am needs to take time to remember.

Why not try it? Trace your writing journey.  I'm not talking about what other people might see as 'success' or even about published works, although they may form part of it.

How has life helped you grow as a writer? 

And how has being a writer moulded your life?

Lucy Mills considers herself a non-fiction writer but does write the odd novel in November. Her first book, Forgetful Heart: remembering God in a distracted world, was published in 2014 by Darton, Longman and Todd (DLT). She's written articles, poetry and prayers for various Christian magazines and is an editor at Magnet magazine.


  1. Great post Lucy. Some real nuggets of wisdom here.mthank you

  2. Excellent, Lucy! And so true. We so easily forget that sometimes rejections can be God shutting doors in order to open other - better - ones. Well done.

  3. Thanks, Lucy. I definitely need to do this; to have a look back at how far I've come instead of focusing relentlessly on how much there is to do, and how impossible it seems. Wise words.

  4. Glad you all appreciated it!

  5. Wise words, Lucy. We so often get fixated on an end goal and fail to see the ways we've grown and developed during the writing journey itself. Thank you! :) x