Monday, 18 May 2015

It takes all sorts by Joy Lenton

Life can feel like a giant 'Pick n' mix' stall where we loiter with intent or linger aimlessly, uncertain,scuffing our shoes on the counter, wrangling over our choices.

They all look appealing in their own way.

What if.. What if I choose this one or that one? 

Will it really matter? Does one taste better than another?

It stirs memories of clutching metal glued into our hot little hands as my twin sister and I savoured spending pocket money on sweet treats such as candy-crush necklaces, flying saucers, licorice all-sorts, fruit chews et al. Ah, I remember it well!

Choosing our favourite confectionery depended more on correct coinage than it did on neglecting to select anything else.

But how does it feel to be the 'sweet treat' as such, the one chosen or cast aside? Sometimes we view ourselves in this way. It's an unpleasant sensation if we feel like the ones left behind.

Social media can elevate and decimate us by its approval or otherwise - often both in the same day.

Those big-time bloggers, peerless poets and wonderful writers can make us awed, cowed and often miserable, truth be told.

We want to be like them, even to Be Them for a split second. It's little surprise their stories are successful, no wonder why their words are worth reading. 

And we're grateful for their gifting, yes? On good days, yes, of course we are. Jesus-people aren't meant to be trapped by jealousy and peer envy, or cut up by comparison, are they?

I've lived like that. My shaky, insecure past made for an anxiety-ridden, approval-addicted adult.

And I no longer want to be consumed by those feelings. Envy and jealousy can eat us alive. But we can find another way to react.

And here's why:

Because.... Life's too short to waste on wistfulness.

Because.... God's has a deeply personal plan for you and me.

Because.... We don't always know what impact our words may have. A lot of it is unseen.

Because.... A surrendered life means a surrendered heart, mind, will, pen and PC.

Because.... We are called to care and compassion, to be givers not limelight-grabbers.

Because.... The words we write are a gift of grace, intended to bless and encourage others.

Because.... We're  to be conscientious custodians of them, not cautious clingers-on.

Because.... God has the final say in who gets to read our work. Period.

Because.... We have the soul of a writer regardless of having books published or not.

Because.... We are all precious, beloved and pre-approved by God whether or not we write another word.

Because.... You and I have already been personally picked for His purposes.

Because.... It takes all sorts and you are one of a kind, unique and special in your own right.

I don't pretend to always remember these things, but when I do it helps lift the dark discouragement and comparison trap I'm prone to fall into at times. Maybe you too?

Please remember that you are a person of infinite worth and value. Your voice and your words matter ~ far more than you may ever know. Happy writing, friends!

Joy is a grateful grace-dweller who weaves words out of the fabric of her days, penning poetry and prose in her PJs.

As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer (who is also overcoming a painful past), she writes with a heart for the hurting and to support and encourage others struggling with life and faith issues.

She would love to connect with you at her blogs, 'Words of Joy' and 'Poetry Joy'.


  1. Positive, wise and timely, Joy. Thank you.

  2. So true - thanks for this post Joy!

  3. There's much wisdom and strength here. Thank you, Joy.

  4. Thank you Joy, I really needed to hear this. God bless.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm truly grateful to have been given words that bless you. :)

  6. Oh yes. Needed to hear that again today. Thank you, Joy.

  7. Such thought provoking confirmation of whose I am and who the work belongs to - thanks Joy :)

  8. Thank you, Helen and Tania, for taking the time to read and leave a lovely comment. I'm glad my words have helped you. Blessings. :) x