Why God Started the World with a Garden by Rebecca Seaton


Why God Started the World with a Garden by Rebecca Seaton


  Having faith in growth.

When God made the world, He didn’t set Adam and Eve up in a palace or give them a city to populate, He gave them a garden to start from. ‘Then the Lord God made the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.’ (Genesis 215)


                                                       Sacrificing windowsill space.

But why?


In working the garden, we


 …exercise faith. God had faith that Adam and Eve could tend the garden. They were intentionally placed there. But they had to space the plants, water them, harvest them, they couldn’t just sit there looking at them! I have to start writing if I want to finish the chapter.

…persevere. These first gardeners wouldn’t have known, like us, how long each plant takes to grow. Imagine their confusion as one thing sprouted quickly while another hadn’t started yet. They would have had to be persistent in their efforts, as we often have to be in our writing, particularly if we are experimenting in a genre or format new to us. We experience the same resilience when we make a choice to pray into an issue, continuing to seek God’s will rather than stopping when we don’t see instant results.

… learn to work alone and with others. I can do the basics but for a big garden project at work I’ve had to call on the vision of a more experienced friend to lead it, as well as others prepared to support the work or donate materials. Some tasks we can do alone and we can ruminate while rooting up, others we have to communicate our needs. Both are times where God can be teaching us. Writing is lonely at times: it’s often the right thing to hunker down and work but we also need times to share the load.

…see the fruits of our labours. Ultimately, we garden for a reason. Fresh strawberries taste better than supermarket fare, we want to have a particular colour scheme to look out on. The satisfaction of not just the thing we have but the thing we worked to have is a unique blessing, just as it is when that proof copy arrives.


What is God teaching you in the garden of your writing? For me, it’s a different way of being, trying to remember to spend time with the head gardener instead of wondering why my plants are growing funny as well as seeking advice from other gardeners. I had a significant time at the recent ACW jubilee day and it was essentially that fellowship among committed writers, under the leadership of Jesus, which made a difference to me. We just have to remember these simple truths when the weather’s bad and the snails are out!



                                                              The finished product.

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Rebecca earned second place in the 2017-18 Pen to Print Book Challenge with her first novel, A Silent Song. She is currently working on a fantasy trilogy involving a prophet, a dodgy queen and a powerful relic.


  1. Great blog. Can I add one more thing... the garden allowed them to revel in the beauty of creation all around them. To see the hand of the Creator and remember His goodness. It's good when we can see God's creativity and goodness being released in and through our writing! Thank you, for being though provoking.

  2. Great blog indeed! I think in my garden of writing, God is teaching me exactly the same stuff as you! Spend more time with the Head Gardner, seek advice from other gardeners, etc Lovel post. Thanks and blessings.

  3. I wonder if God gave Adam tipps on how to plant and till whenever they walked together in the garden in the cool of the evening.

  4. I read this with my hands and arms tingling from many nettle stings as I wrenched up yet more of the blasted things as I tried to pick raspberries and blackcurrants. Great analogy and so true. It's such hard work, but sometimes we do need to ask for help.


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