The currency of the Kingdom of God

"For where your treasure
 is, there will your heart 
also be."

Two weeks ago I felt the Lord clearly say, "The currency of the Kingdom is in your hand."   I had been asking Him about a picture given in a recent prayer meeting where the Lord was seen putting a gold coin in our open hands.  At the time I sensed God was saying He knows our hearts, He values every prayer, He is blessed when we take time out to seek Him, and He desires that we might know Him as He knows us.

What is the currency of the Kingdom of God?  In Jesus day it was a Roman coin.  If one is found today, it’s origin is tested, and although no longer legal tender, often more than valuable than at the time of issue. Due to the circulation of counterfeits our pound coin had to be replaced, the old worth nothing.  Centuries have passed, and I wonder is it a ‘coin’ incidence that the currency of any country tends to bear the face of the one who is seen to rule over it? 

Is the currency the Word of God for that gives insight to the face of God, being Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  In which case Matthew and Luke tell us we should store our treasure in heaven rather than earth.  And that brings another question, “What do we treasure?”

In Ephesians we read that we have a deposit of our inheritance, the Holy Spirit within us,which is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead!  Wow! Now that is something to desire and treasure. Yet, I don’t think many of God’s people have attained even the faith, let alone the ability to make the dead arise.  But we do know with the parable of the talents that God has a desire for us to reinvest what we have been given into His Kingdom. 

God met Moses in the wilderness and asked, “What is in your hand?” Moses, an Israelite rescued at birth, had lived in Pharaoh’s palace for 40 years, and the same time in the desert. His only tool was His staff to guide the sheep. That was God's preparation and timing before using Moses to release the Israelites from Egyptian captivity and guide them to the Promised Land.

In ACW we may feel called to write. Our tool a pen in the hand, or a computer at our finger tips.  1 Cor.13: Love is the greatest gift; Hebrews 11: Faith is commended; Ps.37: Trust, commitment, delight in the Lord brings hearts’ desires.  Moses revealed all of these.  I would suggest these things in the Word of God is the currency of the Kingdom and still legal tender, despite the world’s counterfeit attempts to prove otherwise. There was unbelief and dissention among God’s people then, so it’s good to know nothing can thwart God’s plans.  And, equipped with His Word and His Spirit let’s invest our time and talents in Him, for the currency of His Kingdom can purchase more than we could hope or imagine.


  1. I think perhaps we, God's people, are the currency of the Kingdom of God, and it is proved genuine by having the image of God stamped on it - an image marred by sin, but being restored daily by the Spirit living in and among us. We are, ultimately, not a people of the Book but a people of the Spirit. Btw Ruth, can you please put your name in the title, as I read the blogs in email form and the author's name doesn't appear in the email version, so I have to go to the website to find out who's writing.

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