Sunday, 7 August 2016

Olympic Writers by Mandy Baker Johnson

Did anyone else stay up on Friday night to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Anyone can do sport.

There are keep fit classes for the elderly and less mobile.

There are squads and clubs for serious enthusiasts.

I took up running last autumn. Initially there was a lot more walking than running but I've now built up to a mile and a half of slow running.

People do sport at all different levels and with varying commitment. The main thing is to enjoy what you're doing.

And then there are the Olympians. All can dream, some aim, a few get to fulfil the ultimate sporting dream.

It's the same for us writers (should that be 'we' writers?). Some of us blog to a tiny following, others scribble words in notebooks that will never see the light of day. Some get published, whether that be articles or books, and a few get on the best seller list.

People who write often dream of publishing a best seller, many aim for it, a few attain it. But the important thing is to enjoy what you're doing.

Olympians and best selling authors are both aiming for something that is good but which won't last.

Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony in the early hours of this morning, seeing those proud athletes marching behind their nation's flag inspired and challenged me again. It's like a shadow of things to come.

Imagine when Jesus comes back. Hear heaven's anthem and see the Kingdom banner before us, as we march around the arena to the roar of angels. We are citizens of heaven, and we each have a calling to fulfil. God is a happy God and He puts His desires in our hearts so that He can fulfil those desires. This is why we find such satisfaction and enjoyment when we are fulfilling His calling on our lives.

Just as a gymnast is unlikely to win gold in equestrian, or a poet write a best selling thriller, live the life God has called you to. Find out and fulfil your calling. Whatever He has called you to do, do it with all your heart.

Olympians aim for a gold medal. Authors aim for a best seller. We aim for the very highest reward: 'Well done,' from the saviour who died to give us abundant life.

Mandy Baker Johnson is a self-employed medical secretary and freelance writer. She enjoys blogging and has recently co-authored a book Drawn from Words. She volunteers with a Christian charity working with women in the sex industry.


  1. Very well said Mandy. Thanks for this

  2. What an inspiring post! Made me quite tearful but also reminded me that the process is more important than the result, in terms of fulfilling our calling. Thanks Mandy.

  3. It's good to be reminded that this life on earth is all temporary. I think I get things totally out of perspective!

  4. Thank you, Mandy. Sometimes I look at what others have achieved and wonder if I can call myself a writer at all. But, again, thank you for reminding me that Someone is reading in heaven.

  5. Some things cam never be said too often. Thanks for spelling out what really matters. We know it but we forget it in the rat race of life.

  6. You're welcome Fran. I need to be reminded of what's really important over and over again.