Referendum Prayer by Sue Irving 14th June 2016

Dear Lord,
I pray for the upcoming referendum about the UK’s membership in the EU.
May all those who have the right to vote be aware of the privilege and responsibility associated with this freedom and carefully weigh the pros and cons of their decision. Grant wisdom and courage to those who are not sure how to vote.
Thank you for those in both camps who share their views with sensitivity, honesty and respect – may others follow their lead.
May every voter have a clear conscience about their choice and not look down on those who choose differently. May peace, love and hope prevail over fear, prejudices and pride.
You call us Christians to first love You and then to love our neighbours as ourselves. Help us to see beyond regional and national boundaries and remember where our ultimate citizenship lies.
May we be the first to build bridges and tear down walls, regardless of whether we agree with the outcome on the 23rd.
May this referendum ultimately lead to greater creativity and cooperation. May we work for the good of all, even those we are tempted to regard as our enemies.
I pray in Jesus’s name, who calls us to be light and salt in this world.


About the author:
Sue Irving is the co-ordinator for the Creative Communicators in Petersfield. Sue has co-written a book with her husband John about their experiences when climbing Kilimanjaro. How to conquer a mountain: Kilimanjaro lessons is available as a paperback and an e-book on Amazon, with all proceeds going to charity.


  1. Thank you, Sue. I have emailed the link to this to some members of a prayer group. Sue

    1. Thanks for sharing. The more people pray about a decision that affects so many people for years to come, the better!

  2. Amen to that. Thank you, Sue.

  3. Good prayer, Sue. Thank you. Tish

  4. Good prayer, Sue. Thank you. Tish


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