Plea of an Unborn Child by Trevor Thorn

This, surely needs to be one of the most voiced themes on behalf of the coming generations - and probably even more so after the result of the UK referendum. The present government has sadly not lived up to its then Prime Minister's promise to be the greenest government ever. But the message is one for the whole world

Dearly beloved Mother, you are, just now, 
the only person to whom I can talk.
You are my sustenance, my comfort,
my very life; and it will be much the same
up to and beyond that special day when I can walk.

Today I want to ask you
that you will do all you can to ensure
the world into which I will be born
will sustain me and your grandchildren,
and not be so hideously transformed
that we will find it impossible to live without fear
of disasters, even wars, brought about
by too much or too little water, violent winds,
extremes of cold and heat:
and a probability of having to weep all-too-frequent tears.

Please,please, listen to discerning,
careful, forward-thinking scientists
and whenever possible, 
tell those who pursue the relentless exploitation of fossil fuels -
and everything that follows in its wake -
that you need them to draw it to a rapid halt, for my sake
and for every single child of my generation.

Please go on marches,
write indignant letters,
organise petitions,
argue with vehement determination,
that I and all of us-in-waiting
may not have to mourn the earth,
but live as you would no doubt have us live,
to welcome our children
in the fullness of time,
with joyous celebrating.

Same topic in a shorter poem Extending The Life of the Planet #ELP and other poems with similar themes can be found in the CARE OF THE PLANET collection of Trevor Thorns poetry, published on The Cross and Cosmos blog.


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