Sunday, 16 August 2015

Discovering our Father's Heart

One thing I have learned over the last few years, above all else, has transformed my life. It was one of the final things on my journey to freedom from food addiction and it helped me deal with the pain of unwanted long term singleness. This life changing teaching is discovering the Father Heart of God. For most of my Christian life I have identified closely with Jesus. He is my Saviour, my Friend, and my Lord. He died to save me and I am eternally grateful. However, I used to spend more time thanking Jesus for forgiving my sin than enjoying the outcome of my salvation. What do I mean by that? Is there is a difference you may ask?

When I was training with Church Army, one assignment I had was to read the whole gospel of Mark in one sitting. It was an amazing experience, which took about two hours or so. I read about a man, Jesus, who had two main passions in his life: his love for people and his love for his Father in Heaven. His greatest desire was to bring the two together. He wanted them to know each other and love each other.

I knew Jesus but I didn't really know the love of the Father. I started reading around the subject of God’s Father Heart. With each book I read the Holy Spirit spoke clearer to me that what I really needed was the love of Father God. The final book I read in this part of my search was ‘I am your Father’ by Mark Stibbe. It really spoke powerfully to me. In it Stibbe talks about some of us having an orphan heart. As I read his description of an orphan heart I knew this was the state of my own heart. This was the emptiness I had been trying to fill with food. I started to pray that God would reveal his Father love to me. It was a prayer that my Papa God answered quickly.

One thing that really helped me to discover the Father Heart of God was listening to ‘The Father’s Love Letter’. This is a letter written by Barry Adams based on truth from Scripture. Each line in this letter is taken from the Bible. I found it profoundly moving. I still do. You can read it or watch it here. It can be downloaded for free as a document, a video or audio file. A few years ago I played it frequently, sometimes on a loop for 30 minutes or more. On different days different phrases would touch me and reduce me to tears, but the truth of it began to sink into my heart.

Jesus died to bring us to the Father, so we could experience his Father’s love for us.  The ltter ends with these words “I have always been Father, and will always be Father. My question is…Will you be my child?” He is already our Father but will we be His child?

Lynda Alsford is a sea loving, cat loving GP receptionist and writes in her spare time. She has written two books. He Never Let Go describes her journey through a major crisis of faith whilst working as an evangelist at a lively Church in Chiswick, West London. Being Known describes how God set her free from food addiction. Both books are available in paperback and on kindle on and She writes a newsletter, Seeking the Healer, in which she shares the insights she has gained in her journey to freedom from food addiction. Sign up for this at her website, Lynda blogs at


  1. Beautifully put Lynda and so encouraging. Just what I needed to hear today. Perfect timing for me

    1. Really pleased to hear that. Will pray for a deepening awareness of Father's love for you. :-)

  2. Lovely post, and words so many of us, me included need. Thank you!

  3. Beautifully expressed, Lynda, I can identify with some of your faith journey of discovering the Father heart of God. It can often take a while for truth to move from our head to our heart. And I absolutely love 'The Father's Love Letter' book and DVD! They are so moving and touch deep places within. Thank you for this great reminder of how much God loves us. It's a word we always need to hear! :) x

  4. Thanks Joy. The journey from head to Heart takes the longest time in my experience. The father's Love Letter has been a key part of that journey for me

  5. This is a lovely post, Lynda. Although I am married I too struggle to feel the love of God.

  6. Thank you Journojohnson. I spent years thinking that if only I were married with a family I would know love and then recognise it in God. But I never married and had children. I was devastated at one point thinking I'd never know God's love.

    But in a strange way I think the opposite is true. Not having the love I thought I needed in a husband ultimately threw me into the arms of my Father in Heaven. He transformed me with His love. He will respond to any heart that is truly seeking Him.