Being Thankful

How often do you thank God for the gift of writing?  I admit I don’t do this as often as I should.  Writing is at one and the same time a pleasure and a pain, as anyone who has ever struggled to get the right words out will testify. 

But when your writing is going well, and you are enjoying the process of getting your story or non-fiction work down on paper or on to a screen, isn’t that a huge joy and something we should rejoice in?
How often are you thankful for your writing?  Image via Pixabay
Perhaps using the word “gift” is not quite right here.  What other gifts are there where we have to work hard, knowing we will experience rejection after rejection (and for what seems like forever), before, finally, our work “clicks” with someone and we find we have our first acceptance on our hands? 
Appreciating what writing does for you is no bad thing.  Image via Pixabay.
Equally, having editing your book, had feedback etc, having proof-read your manuscript countless times, you have self-published and finally have your book in your hands.  Whether you go the traditional or self-publishing route (or both over time), this is a glorious moment. It is right to take a little time out to be thankful for the achievement.

I would argue this also goes for when you first have your name in print or online, whether it is a letter to the paper, a short story or what have you.  I don’t believe I’m the only writer who needs a little validation every now and again!

Telling stories or writing poetry or non-fiction is a wonderful thing.  Image via Pixabay
Writing then is something God expects us to work at, just as we should be open to and expect Him to be at work in our lives.  He is the ultimate Editor of us. The process is a continual one.  There will be setbacks on the way but there will also be positive steps forward.  I think we need both.  The setbacks make us “up our game” and the positive steps encourage us, even reward us a little for having persevered.
Thanking God for all His good gifts.  Image via Pixabay.
So, given the difficulties, what exactly is there to be thankful about with regard to writing?

1.  It proves we are literate, something that is too easy to take for granted.

2.  It proves we can communicate.

3.  Stories are a great vehicle for getting ideas across.
Writing is rewriting, then rewriting some more etc.  Image via Pixabay.
4.  Stories have the capacity to change things - and of course the biggest story of all is that of Jesus.

5.  Non-fiction can use fiction techniques to get facts across in an entertaining way (which makes taking in the “message” far more palatable than a straight retelling of said facts).

6.  Coming up with characters and stories for entertainment is a wonderful thing to do in and of itself.  You are encouraging reading and maybe that will enable others to discover the joys of writing.

No literacy = no books to enjoy reading or writing.  Image via Pixabay.
It is a privilege to write then.  It just isn’t an easy one but something to be appreciated all the same.

On writing or on being appreciative.  Image via Pixabay.


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