Wednesday, 2 August 2017

ACW Lent Anthology

This month, I'm using my blog date to flag up a brand new venture for the Association of Christian Writers: an anthology of writing for every day of Lent, titled New Life: Creative Approaches to Lent.

This is a great opportunity to see your writing in print, especially for those members of ACW who, like me, can't imagine tackling something the length of a novel, but specialise in poetry, short stories, devotionals and so on.  Each writer will be given a Bible passage to inspire up to 1000 words of their own unique style.

Of course, it's not just about seeing your own writing in print: the anthology will also support and publicise the ACW, celebrate the gifts and talents that we share as writers, and provide an inspiring and creative alternative to a traditional Lent devotional.

Imagine all this talent, and yours, squeezed into one super book!

There is still time to get involved: details are on the Facebook group, on the website and in the e-mail inboxes of ACW members!  Thank you to everyone who has sent a sample of their writing so far: they've been pouring in, and we're really excited by the range of potential contributors and types of writing.  If you haven't sent a sample in yet, you still have until August 20th to do so.
If you need any more information or can't find the details on the website, or comment here or send an e-mail to

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