Monday, 27 February 2017

Assembling the pieces, by Lucy Mills

In previous More than Writers posts, I've talked about taming the tentacles and using up leftovers.

Today I'm talking about assembling the pieces.

A caveat, first of all - as I'm so intensely working on my book my writing energies are so diminished for 'other stuff' that this blog post may make no sense at all.

You have been warned.

I feel the need to be lyrical about this, so why not write an off-the-cuff sort-of-poem for you?

I hold it in my hand
consider its shape, its colour, its form.
Where does it belong?
I ponder its texture, see where the lines fall -
how big is it? And where does it belong?

There are others like it, still mismatched
I cannot force them in, they still wait for me
to understand them, resolve them, place them
where they belong...

Assembling the pieces
the jigsaw initially
seeming impossible
especially when the picture on the box
has the audacity to keep changing.
Where do they belong?

A moment of satisfaction - a sigh of delight -
as one suddenly clips onto another,
happily joined, making sense
and then another, another
landing where it belongs.

I'm not there yet, there are some pieces
that need reshaping still -
I'm doing the jigsaw but the pieces 
are still rough, as I try to put them together...
to find where they belong.

But when they do - when it finally falls together
the picture now clear to me where it once was blurred
and what I have is not pieces
but a whole -
a work of art -
a completed puzzle -
a book -
I know that, as a writer, I belong.

I hope you enjoyed my unedited poem, written on the spot as I have no time for honing anything else right now!

What metaphors do you use for writing and book creating?

Lucy Mills

Lucy's first book, Forgetful Heart: remembering God in a distracted world, was published in 2014 (DLT). Undivided Heart: finding meaning and motivation in Christ will be coming in October 2017. Lucy writes articles, poetry and prayers for various publications and is Editorial Co-ordinator at magnet magazine.

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  1. Lovely Lucy - and describes exactly where I am at with my book too so a real encouragement :) Praying your intense writing goes well xx

  2. I love this. It speaks to other areas of my life, not just writing. Thank you.