Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A chip off the rock.........Part 1 by Ruth Johnson

"He shall cry unto Me.  
Thou art my Father, 
my God, 
and the rock of my salvation."
                              Psalm 89:26

‘He’s a chip of the old block’ refers to a person who looks, has the personality or character of their family, particularly their father!  As Christians I think we’d probably all like to be seen as a ‘chip off the rock’ of our heavenly Father, the God of our salvation.

We are each hewn from that rock of salvation, which we know is far more than just being saved from sin and eternal life.  Ps.24 says, we need ‘clean hands and pure hearts’ we should, 'lift up your heads oh you gates…that the King of glory may come in'.  As Christian writers’ I'm sure we all want to use our writing gift  to draw people into a relationship and ongoing knowledge of the goodness and love of our heavenly Father. 

In Revelation it is written that each gate was made of a single pearl and the foundations of the Kingdom are precious stones yet the stone we know as most precious, the diamond, isn’t mentioned.  God’s children are called both living stones and precious. Could we be those missing diamonds?  As if an answer to my question the other day a friend told me of 'seeing' a tree it's branches hanging with diamonds ready to be pick and used.  

The picture above is a diamond in the rock in its raw state. Only when a precious stone is honed at the hands of an expert cutter is  its real value and potential envisaged.  And, much of that stone, will fall on the cutting room floor to make it’s every facet perfect to reflect the light.  

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who spends far more time re-writing and editing than it took to put the original words to paper.  And those who have had professional editing I’m sure will see a similarity of that to the preparation of a precious stone.

I am convinced every experience in life has a purpose, what we see as loss God sees as gain.  I’ve just had a big ‘0’ birthday and I see much of my life on the cutting room floor.   But, as with Joseph I wait on the Lord, and with others I am beginning to perceive God is about to do a new thing, something beyond our imaginations.  I want to be ready to be placed in the setting God has prepared for me. 

Jesus is our gateway, He wants to fill us with His joy for His desire is that all His children should fully reflect His light.  A diamond reflects a rainbow of colours always a reminder that God keeps His promises.  And when His people come together in unity one of those is He will command the blessing and we will become part of that crown of splendour and diadem in the hand of our God.


  1. Beautifully put, Ruth, and something we all need to remember. I know I certainly do

  2. Beautiful Ruth. A lovely reminder of who we are in Christ.