Thursday, 4 February 2016

When it's time to close the book

I love a good novel, one I can't put down, one that I balance in one hand while stirring the dinner with the other and one that I never want to end.

It ends. The book closes and I feel a little lost, like something is missing.

It is with those feelings in mind that I am writing my last post for ACW and leaving my group. I have stopped writing and so it is hard to write and talk about writing. That book has finished. Unfortunately the book I was writing has not been finished but times have changed and I have had to make the hard decision to put it aside.

I feel a little lost but there's always another book!

The new book of my life feels different, reads at a different pace and will most certainly have a different ending. Like with any new book though I'm getting wrapped up in the new characters and plot and it's getting exciting.

It can be hard to put down what we enjoy or what is familiar but God asks that we answer a call that is purposed by him and I know that his ways are far better than mine.

Maybe in time that will mean writing again but at the moment I am concentrating on my Theology studies and speaking engagements, as well as a new business to channel my creativity and pay my way through college!

As I put this book back on the shelf, I remember the characters with fondness and the journey with delight and I shall be keeping up to date with their unfolding stories.

Tania Vaughan is a speaker and teacher of God's word. 
Through Bible teaching and devotionals Tania seeks to encourage every woman to claim the full life that Jesus came to give them.

A new venture uses her design and admin skills to help and support individuals with websites, social media, on-line presence and marketing design


  1. Tania, how exciting! Praying for peace of mind, creativity and lots of joy for you in this new chapter. Keep me posted. x

    1. Thanks Helen - I'll be staying in touch :) x

  2. Wishing you a bucketload of blessings, Tania, wherever your journey takes you x

  3. Every blessing to you in the future.

  4. Praying that God will bless this new and exciting phase of your life, Tania. xx

  5. Very sorry to see you go Tania, but wishing you every blessing in your new direction.