Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Emotional Writer by Hilary Hughes

As a writer of poetry and reflective work mostly, I find that my emotions are often heavily involved in what I produce as I write. Fear, joy, sorrow, pain, anger and curiosity flow in a strange current through my days and pour out into my work.

Over the years I have come to embrace my writing as a gift, mainly because others have encouraged me and exhorted me to keep it going. For a long period I felt it was an indulgence and a selfish pastime, but gradually it has become a therapy, a lifeline and then a mission and a ministry.

Many writers will acknowledge and understand this, especially if you're a more introverted personality. As a teacher I am used to being 'up front' and relating in a perhaps lively, dramatic way towards the children and students, but I would not describe myself as an outgoing person.

I find I’m easily moved and captivated by the natural world: rivers, seas, mountains and forests and by new and exciting places. Increasingly, I’m inspired by the urban environment and the challenges it brings. Justice and compassion also feature in my work – often out of anger at their opposites.

Then there is anxiety! (I also suffer from an acute anxiety syndrome – eek!) Anxiety and hurt are, at least in part, worked through by putting pen to paper – there's a sort of cathartic process that goes on very often, so that at the beginning I'm asking questions and by the end have answered some of them by turning to God!

It’s possible to think things through, be very pragmatic and also cerebral about life; for some people that is how they cope or succeed. Indeed, my writing can be infused and informed by fact and research. However, the more I write and share my work: use it for the benefit of others by composing something specific, or in the context of worship or in the community, the more I want to write and the more people begin to understand the medium of poetry in particular as a fantastically effective and expressive voice.

What I am learning is that, even in the dark times, the periods of acute emotional upheaval, I can thank God. I thank Him that, while I do not welcome these emotions, I experience them and am able to express them, (if not freely in my behaviour or actions, then in the written word, which later can be spoken in an appropriate context!) Sometimes our emotions take over. We're human. God knows this and He still loves us. – I cannot ignore my feelings or emotions but I try to handle them and turn them into something profitable through my work. God is bigger, He can transform and He provides!

Author Bio

I'm a teacher and writer with a grown-up family. I love language: teaching it, playing with it, composing, creating, expressing, responding - to places, people, events, struggles ...

I kept on being told I should 'get my stuff out there', so I have! My book, 'HIT THE GROUND RUNNING – muses, reflections, poems, prayers and rants on life's crazy journey' was published in May 2013. I continue to write regularly, often using my own photography. I also write spoken worship, run workshops and encourage others to express themselves through writing.

I have a dedicated FACEBOOK page for my work: HILARY JANE HUGHES CREATIVE WRITER


  1. Thanks for this, Hilary. I love the idea of God working through - and transforming - our emotions. xx

  2. I really identified with your experience of writing, life situations and struggles Hilary. thank you for sharing so honestly - it has really encouraged me to get on with blogging and writing. May God bless you and encourage you as you bless and encourage others.