Saturday, 4 July 2015

Taking time - Tania Vaughan

As I scroll down the wall of my Facebook page there are blog posts from a host of different people and ministries that I follow and I just scroll on by. I don't have the time to stop and read - unless something really grabs me.

So I got to wondering what titles, strap lines and pictures make us stop scrolling. What is it that makes something worth taking the time to read. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about titles, pictures, opening lines and content that will inspire our faithful readers and entice new ones.

I have noticed that my off the cuff, observational and life posts get a lot more attention than my devotionals. People want to read about life especially if it belongs to someone else. Many readers want the "5 ways to ..." type posts because they are often in bullet points; quick and easy to read.

A devotional takes times and thought and it may challenge the reader to action or change. Listening to God means that we need to slow down, consider and take time to listen. We crave the quick fix and the how to. "Lord, lead me to a post that tells me in 5 simple steps how to be more like you!"

It often makes me wonder if the devotionals are worth it but a long time ago God said to me "Just one person". If one person reads, if one person hears God, if one person grows, then that is the one person God wanted to touch. I have been tempted to jump on the topical band waggon of the day, increase my SEO (whatever that is!), be controversial, political and newsworthy but I don't.

I am learning to slow down, to read a post who's title doesn't grab and have found so much of God's goodness.

The traffic may be light and many may scroll on past. The news may not be the hot topic but it is good news and it must be shared. Do not be tempted to chase the topic. Don't compromise to increase your traffic. Let's not conform, but trust that God is renewing the minds of those that do take the time,  one person at a time.

Tania Vaughan started Let's Talk About Ministries after writing her book "Let's Talk About Sex and Relationships - A Bible study for single women".

Through devotionals, mentoring and teaching, Tania seeks to encourage every woman to claim the full life that Jesus came to give them. Online Bible studies and her blog can be found on her website

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  1. Useful thoughts. I often wonder about what it is that makes some people follow the link and others not. They call it clickbait, don't they, and you can see why! Great word.

  2. This reminded me of a picture a pastor friend used to have on his study wall. It showed a sheep which had fallen over a cliff edge and was standing, alone, on a tiny ledge about 4 feet down the cliff face. The caption read, "It's worth it for one."