Sunday, 5 July 2015

Desires of the Heart By Julie Prentice

It was at our writers meeting that we had been discussing the idea of self-publishing. One of the members had been to an event as it seems to be a popular option these days. The book industry is changing, but as another lady pointed out one has to be cautious, there is a lot of red tape that goes with some of the publishing deals these days. 

Thinking back, deciding to get ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ published myself had seemed the obvious option for me as our church had held a conference and we had volunteered to host two guests. Ours turned out to be publishers so it was a done deal. But was it worth it, was it the right decision? Budding writers continued to probe.

Well it has been quite a journey.  I remember Westminster, the young lady looking quite shocked when I told her I felt I should give her a copy. ‘Bless you,’ she eventually replied. Well she most certainly did, later she wrote to me saying she found it encouraging, she knew it had been a divine encounter; it was like reading about herself! Her heart was being stirred as she felt that she should write her story too!

I could go on, 5 years have passed since the scary moment when I handed my book over to be published but as I encounter different days walking along the way, fresh pastures open up and encounters unfold. A lady from a favourite clothes shop has become a good friend. After recently purchasing a copy to my surprise she wanted more. I then had to confess my publisher was no longer able to assist being so busy on mission trips. ‘But I am sure you will be able to get some, they seem to crop up all over the place if you look on-line!’ I laughed. ‘It is in God’s hands now.’

My friend looked thoughtful, ‘We will have to get a new publisher’ she replied. ‘I will get the ladies from the village involved, we will start a fundraiser for the book.’ 

I felt so blessed. It seems the Lord has everything in hand. Some say self-publishing is vanity press, but for me with God it has proved effortless. I had not felt led to spend my time putting it out to all the big publishing houses, the chances of them saying yes to somebody such as myself, I have to say, seemed somewhat slim because I do not reside alongside the likes of those who these big Publishing Houses are really interested in.

I reside alongside the Lord. My hope is in Him, my Heavenly Father. As is His word in Isaiah 43:19 ‘I am making a way.’ And He will for you too. 

Through having faith in Him, everyday new blessings unfold and to know that my story has somehow helped someone along the way, well what can I say? It has given me one of the desires of my heart. 

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  1. Interesting to read about your journey, Julie. Our next local ACW writers' group is going to be based around the subject of self-publishing as various members have had different experiences (good and bad)!

  2. I think you have to be careful, it is helpful if you can find somebody who can recommend a good self-publisher to you who has had a book published already.

  3. Heartened to read your post, Julie. I'm having problems with a publisher at present who seem to have an awful lot of 'red tape' leaving me in a very vulnerable position. I have named my one important condition of a three year review period, accepting all else but not sure now what happens. I too keep telling myself that if God wants the book 'out there' he will find a way.