New Year, New Start, New Life?

As a new year ends, and a new one begins, for most of us it is a time of looking back and looking forwards. Looking back at our life over the past year can often be painful. Very often we remember the difficult moments, which are often easy to recall. We can forget the many moments of joy and laughter that filled our lives. The small kindnesses that we received and the support that comes from many different people and places. 

As writers, this can often be the case. We focus on all that has gone wrong with our writing careers. I am not immune to this. Don't get me wrong, I love my life as a writer and I am thankful for every joyous minute of it. There are difficult times, but I choose to focus on the good. As I look forward towards the new year, I am excited about all the amazing things that are going to happen. I urge you to do the same.

Please know, I am not minimising the pain that many of you are feeling. Life is tough and can throw many unimaginable things at us. But the one thing that we, as Christians and as writers, can be sure of, is that whatever is happening, God is with us. We have new life in him. And now we stand on the cusp of a new year, one filled with blank pages on which we will write the story of our life. Our life with him. 

Cass Claymore Mysteries
Coming End of January

About the Author

Wendy H. Jones is the award winning author of The DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries. The fifth book in the series 'Killer's Crew' won the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017. Her first YA novel, 'The Dagger's Curse' was a finalist in the Woman Alive Readers Choice Award. Antiques and Alibis the first book in her humorous crime series, the Case Claymore Mysteries, will be released in January 2018. She is also an international public speaker, the presenter of Wendy's Book Buzz radio show, and runs a Writers Consultancy and Training company, Equipped to Write.


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