Bring Me Sunshine

This title, as well as linking nicely to the recent ACW comedy writing competition, may recall happy memories of Morecambe and Wise for several of you.

My favourite sketch of arguably Britain’s best comedy double act is from the 1971 Christmas Show featuring Mr “Andre Preview” and the “boys from the band” (better known as world famous conductor, Andre Previn and the BBC Orchestra. Even now when Previn is in London, he is still greeted as Mr Preview.). 

For anyone who hasn’t seen this, please look it up on YouTube. I think it’s the funniest thing ever seen on television.

Morecambe and Wise used theatrical curtains as part of their TV shows.  Image via Pixabay.
So what has this got to do with ACW?  I asked myself what it was I loved about M&W and this sketch especially. 

Firstly, their timing and delivery were spot on. 

Morecambe and Wise had their timing spot on - always.  Image via Pixabay
Secondly, they were noted for their professionalism with continual rehearsals (and kept this up for decades).

Thirdly, all parties played their part to perfection.  The frozen horror on Andre Previn’s face at Eric Morecambe’s piano playing is wonderful.  How Andre Previn never laughed I don’t know.  (The YouTube clip reveals “the boys from the band” couldn’t manage it!).

The kind of TV I used to watch Morecambe and Wise on in the 1970s.  Image via Pixabay

God’s Timing
As Christians, we need to trust that God will get His timing for our lives spot on, though often the means of delivery will not be to our liking.  Nobody deliberately goes through painful times even if those same times bring us on in our faith.

Haven’t we all wanted God to bring us sunshine, permanently?  What would happen if He did?  Unremitting sunshine leads to drought and, ultimately, to deserts given enough time.  Do we want that for ourselves? 

It is through the hard times we learn most.  I don’t know if this is just a quirk of our human nature.  I do know I wish it wasn’t the case but I also think it is a question of accepting this and trusting that God does know best.  There are things I’ve been so glad I didn’t know about in advance and so had to face them with support from God and my family when they happened.  This also meant I had less time to worry, which helped enormously.

We are all haunted by time.  Image via Pixabay
God's timing does not equal ours.  Image via Pixabay.
Rehearsals/Playing Our Part
As writers, we are used to rewrites (or should be!) so God continually rewriting us shouldn’t come as a surprise given we are works in progress.  It often does though! 

Just as our rewrites cannot take five minutes (alas!), God’s rewrites of us take time.  When children or pets are  young, it seems as if they grow overnight.  To a certain extent they are growing overnight, of coulong-termthe long term, mature growth takes far longer.  It takes us at least 18 years to reach adulthood after all. 

So how long will it take God to get us to where He wants us to be?  That is in His hands but our daily challenge to ourselves is to ask ourselves if we are open to what He wants to do.


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