New Life! A Celebration

Nothing like a new member of the family to put one in reflective mode! Welcome Rowan - our most recent grandchild.

There are few greater joys
than to share in the welcome of a child, new-born.
A miracle, many will say,
Or, better perhaps, an abundance of miracles
that now lies helpless, vulnerable and seemingly forlorn,
likely at the loss of its safe, dark womb.

This scrap of body can be rested entire
in the marvelling crook of my arm.
A rapid pulse at the temples, 
fingers with miniscule nails
and silk-soft skin conjoin to disarm
any who, sadly, might wish
this beauteous new-life untimely harm.

Lips and eyelids, active keep 
whenever this babe is awake.
Snubbed miniature nostrils
already, the chilly air, fluently take.
Smell, hearing, touch, and taste develop
with unseen advances of tissue and nerves
to meet the multiple challenges 
the world, at this child, will serve.

The palm of my hand can cradle
this tiny head, so utterly uncontrolled.
Soft shapely skull, a wonder itself,
for within that fragile, beautiful mould,
a myriad of cells are learning their parts,
as the brain gently expands
and its phenomenal potential begins to unfold.

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  1. Beautiful. Indeed the wonder of a newborn baby is great. Bless you.

  2. He's gorgeous - congratulations!


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