Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Anticipation, birthing and creativity by Joy Lenton

Watching roses unfurl, I ponder on their fragile beauty.

A bloom which fades too soon. A tiny glimpse of glory.

A feast for the eyes coming at just the right time.

Winter-weary souls are made thirsty for colour, for life, for change.

Dark days and slow pace don't suit us all.

Word-weary writers have to sit out seasons where the flow is slow.

Seeking a deluge but only receiving a slight shower, a few drops and dribbles like tears on the page.


Pitter, pitter patter
go our words
Poured out fast
or slow
to the Universe
Tentative chatter
we can bring
Heart offering
A flow
of creation
against loneliness

No matter how they flow:haltering, faltering or poured out fast, our God-given words matter. 

Our heart offerings, given in love, by Holy Spirit inspiration and in expectant faith are waiting to be received ~ yes, imperfect as they may feel and be.

They impact the lives of others because they speak of our shared humanity, of pain and pleasure, of struggle and success, of failure and faith, of hope and expectations.

We all have a longing to know we are not as alone as we feel. A craving for connectivity.

Each word we write has potential to make those lines linking us to others feel closer, pulling us together, holding us in unity.

God is continually doing a new thing as He births His character and purpose in our lives. It is no less true for our creativity and calling.


Birth mercy in the face of injustice
Birth hope in the depths of despair
Birth truth midst lies and what-ifs
Birth love complete, everywhere
Birth peace in seas of sorrow
Birth joy in adversity's grip
Birth faith for today and tomorrow
Birth light where we're liable to trip
Birth grace to greet each new day
Birth purpose out of our pain
Birth trust when we fail and we sway
Birth belief you will do it again

Let's stay hope-filled in the dry seasons; let our words sit a while as we rest in God, awaiting His timing, inspiration and enabling.

Birthing anything new spiritually or creatively can be a messy, unpredictable business and being in transition is painful and confusing.

We ache for activity, for fresh ideas and purpose to come.

But when we come out the other side of the process we will breathe with sweet relief, and gratitude for the work of the Author of our faith in bringing new things to life.
Joy is a grateful grace-dweller who weaves words out of the fabric of her days as she seeks the poetic in the prosaic and the eternal in the temporal.
As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, who is also recovering from a painful past, she writes with a heart for the hurting and to support and encourage others who are struggling with life and faith issues.

She blogs at 'Words of Joy' and 'Poetry Joy' and would love to connect with you on Twitter, Google + or Pinterest


  1. I resonate with your poetry, Joy; thanks!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'm pleased it resonated with you. :)

  2. Great poems. Very evocative. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Wendy. My aim in writing poetry is to share a message to touch others soul deep.

  3. This is a beautiful post Joy, thank you. The poems are sensitive and embrace a great love for words.

    1. Maggie, you read me well when you sense I have a great love for words! They are our life and breath as poets and writers, aren't they? Thank you for your lovely comment. :)

  4. Beautiful and poignant as always Joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - they never fail to lift and inspire.

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement, Deborah. It means a lot to me. I'm so glad you find hope and inspiration in the words God has given me to share. :)

  5. I particularly liked libation. Likening the flow of words to raindrops really struck a chord with me

    1. How often we wish for a drenching downpour when all that emerges is a brief drizzle sometimes! The flow of words can be halted for a while but we can trust God to send showers just when they are needed. :)