Monday, 28 May 2018

'Hot, Clear Steam': Thinking about The Trinity in a simple song by Trevor Thorn

Hot, Clear Steam - sing it to the tune of 'Hot Cross Buns’ (Score below)
This might be helpful in thinking about the Trinity.

Hot, clear steam: hot, clear steam,
When it cools it turns into
a water stream.
If it keeps on cooling,
it will turn to ice.
So as steam cools down and down,
It changes twice.

Butterflies, flutter by:
caterpillars, chrysalids
until they fly.
Eggs to caterpillars
which in time pupate,
then emerge with gorgeous wings 
as they change state.

Toads and frogs, start as spawn,
tadpoles soon, grow breathing gills
as they change form .
then as they develop,
tails will disappear,
legs grow strong to swim and jump 
In pond or air.

Father, Son: Spirit come,
never changing, Everlasting 
God our great Creator,
Jesus, Lord and King
loves to care for everyone
and everything.

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