Friday, 22 February 2019

How Did You Get In Here? By Emily Owen

I grew up in a large family, which was often made larger by extended family gatherings. I remember, on one such occasion, my aunty giving my mum a book called Five Minutes' Peace; a book about a mum desperately trying to escape the demands of her family.
I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to escape.

Fast forward through the years to February Half Term 2019 and me, surrounded by lovely-lively nieces and nephews, thinking, ‘I just need to escape for a minute’.

I sneaked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

Imagine, then, my shock when my niece appeared in the room.
I jumped a mile, much to her delight.  Once my heart-rate had returned to normal, and my niece had stopped giggling, I asked her; ‘How did you get in here?’

With a look reserved by three-year olds for adults they deem a bit dim, she said; ‘I opened the door’.

I’m deaf, so it’s not surprising I hadn’t heard the door open.  What did surprise me was that she’d opened a locked door. Clearly, in my haste, I hadn’t locked it properly.

In our writing lives, and life in general, we may need to escape things sometimes. Often negative things. For example, saying:

‘What I wrote today is only worthy of the bin.’

We may then, rightly, shut the door on the negatives within that voice. Remind ourselves that it’s ok not to not to be writing non-bin-worthy stuff every day. It doesn’t mean we are useless. We can start again tomorrow.

‘What I wrote today is only worthy of the bin.’
‘How did you get in here?’
‘I opened the door.’

And our thoughts become it’s not ok not to be writing non-bin-worthy stuff every day, I’m just useless, there’s no point in me starting again tomorrow…

‘How did you get in here?’
‘I opened the door.’
But I locked that door, we might think.
Maybe, in our haste, we didn’t lock it properly.

Philippians 4 holds the key to locking the door properly:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

Peace in the pressure.

We might wonder how we can possibly find peace, with deadlines looming, or many bin-worthy-writing days, or blogs no one reads (what are we doing wrong?), or inspiration gone AWOL, or focus not focussing….
If we knew how to find that peace, it wouldn’t be the peace of God.
God’s peace ‘transcends all understanding’.

I, being probably as un-engineer-like as it’s possible to be (just ask my brother-in-law), don’t really understand how a little lock in the middle of a door stops the whole door from opening.  But I know it does, provided the door is locked properly.

We don’t need to understand how God’s peace is able to ‘guard our hearts and minds’.
But it is.
And for far longer than five minutes.
Peace in all of every day.
Let Him deal with the how.

Question: ‘Peace? How did you get in here?’
Answer: ‘God gave me to you.’

Thursday, 21 February 2019

In the midst of division, disillusionment and deception

"...the people 
who know their God 
shall prove themselves strong 
and shall stand firm 
and do exploits for God".


It is becoming clear to all we live in unprecedented times.  Never in history has our world been assailed with so many inventions, innovations and scientific and medical advances that have radically changed lives. 

Many years ago “Goodnight Sweetheart” was a series where Gary could travel in time and lived two lives, one in the 1940s the other in the 1990s.  In 2015 there was a one-off remake and I howled with laughter as Gary experienced the technological acceleration since 1999.  If you can find it, it’s worth watching.

Interaction with the internet brings much that is not of God and it is terrible to learn how young people searching for love and acceptance find the opposite and are caught up in on-line abuse.  We read in Ephesians the battles we face are not of flesh and blood, but ‘powers and principalities’ and as Jesus tell us it is “the devil who comes to maim, steal and destroy, but He came to bring abundant life”.   How can we, as Christian’s fight this onslaught when Jesus’ name is no longer precious, but used as a swear word?

For years my first priority each day has been to speak God’s Word over our nation. Today asking Him to rescue our vulnerable young people caught up and maimed by self-doubt, lack of self-worth, gender identification and robbed of family life as God ordained it.  Without the plumb lines of a loving God, they are being tossed like ships in a storm of negativity, and unable to find a safe harbour, turning to anti-depressants, drink and drugs which destroying their minds, bodies and even life itself.   

How do we show Christianity isn’t a boring religion?  In my teenage years I was very anti-church, but over the years the Lord introduced me to Christians who spoke of their faith. A series of events culminated in being taken to a lively church, where God clearly spoke to me.  Having committed my life to Him I challenged Him in the next thirty days to prove Himself.  It was extraordinary, the Bible became interesting, and forty-five years later I am still excited as I walk in God’s plan for my life and believe I will do exploits for God. 

I feel loved and privileged to be adopted into 'God in three persons' family.  I’ve been disciplined and discipled to stand firm in His Word, and found the joy of the Lord in the darkest times which has strengthened me.  He inspires my novels where I use my experiences of Him to show His desire to breakthrough into our lives when we call upon Him.

My fourth book in the Heart Desire Series is finally finished and available free on Kindle on 1st March.  It would be wonderful if everyone reading this, would spread the word, open a Kindle account and download ‘Rosie’ on that day.  That should push up the book’s ratings so seen by non-Christians in the hope they'll download it..  Should you read it, please write a customer review which will also draw people to the first three books.

This is an ‘exploit for God’ where we can all take part to release His Word in a form to interest and draw people out of their darkness into His love and light.