Writers need to have some organisation in order to succeed. Admittedly that's not always possible, especially if you have a full time job, kids, relatives who need a lot of care, or a serious mental and/or physical illness, but you need to try.

You also need to keep promises, such as writing a blog on time and not leaving it to the actual day, even then only realising when you see someone else's blog on facebook. (Mentioning no names, but pointing at the person who's meant to be writing the one for today. Cough cough)

So how can you organise yourself?

You could write a plan, but not everyone can use written plans. Sounds odd, I know, but it's not just life that gets in the way of that, it's also personality. Douglas Adams preferrred method of writing was to have someone in the front room of his house, who he'd bring a typewritten page to, when he'd completed it, for feedback. If there was no one around, he found it difficult.

There are other, more subtle ways, such as setting aside a certain time of day, even if it's only half an hour: preferably when kids are in bed, or, if they're older, out with friends. Maybe a certain place, such as a cafe, your bedroom, the kitchen (saves walking through your home to get tea and cheesecake). Be creative.

The only rule to organisation is to do what suits you, your circumstances, your personality. The only thing to remember is that your planning will, somtimes, fail. Completely.

So I'll leave you with the following quote, go back to my hole, and promise to do better for next month.