Making time by Susan Sanderson

“I’ve no time for her!”

“I don’t know where the time goes.”

“Everyone has the same amount of time.”

These are three of the many expressions I have heard about time. The first two are in general use. People naturally avoid time-wasters and those they don’t like. Time passes whether we use it usefully or not.

The third statement was made by a friend of mine in the context of music practice. We can choose to manage our time or to end up feeling we have achieved little.

For Christians there is another dimension. We can give our time to God asking him to guide us to use it wisely. He knows when the person we want to speak to will be able to answer the phone. He may inspire us to improve our efficiency.

Planters at Scargill House June 2016

Volunteers used their time to replant these over the weekend
I like to share posts from this blog on Twitter. It seems to me that it is useful to include the Twitter handle (username) of the blogger in the Tweet. Hardly any of them include this information in their posts. 
I must have spent hours searching and typing these in - longer than it took me to compile a list and put it in a Word document! It is easy to find and copy and paste the appropriate text.

On Twitter there are many hashtags. One is #FF or #FollowFriday. Many people collect the handles of the people, whose Tweets they most enjoy and regularly recommend them on Fridays.

For me Friday is usually a busy day. This is where I am grateful for Tweetdeck. I can schedule my Tweets and they appear automatically. I also find that scheduling them reduces the risk of spelling mistakes and other embarrassing errors. Writers, who Tweet incorrectly spelled words, seem less than professional. However I have noticed that spelling mistakes produce more interaction on Twitter than perfectly crafted, profound Tweets. (Not that I am claiming to have entered the realm of perfectly crafted, profound Tweets.) Putting the wrong name on a plant, for example, also causes a reaction!

For those of you who are in the ACW Facebook Group I have uploaded a file of Twitter handles of the regular More than Writers bloggers.  You may wish to follow some or all of us. If you wish to tweet a link to our posts, the information is readily available. The few minutes I spent compiling the list saves the rest of you doing the same thing. I don’t know how many of you there are, but if you multiply the time I spent by the regular readers of the blog, it could amount to a few hours! If I have missed anyone out, please let me know and I'll update the file.

The time you have spent reading this post could help you save time in the future. Lewis Carroll had some interesting things to say about time and chose to do so in children’s books (mainly Alice through the Looking Glass, to which the Disney film bears little resemblance). You might use that saved time to read/reread them!

Postscript: For those of you who use Twitter and love the Psalms, #psalmtweets may interest you.

Susan blogs at Sue's Trifles and Sue's words and pictures. She collected sayings about time and other things on her first blog Sue's considered trifles. Follow her on Twitter @suesconsideredt


  1. Agree with you about time, Susan. Seems a little in short supply at present but we do need to give it to God. My twitter handle is @journojohnson, although I have to be on twitter as a writer, I truly dislike it. It's here I get the nasty propositions from unknown gentlemen and here I've been scammed. Of course, happy to add you to my list without worries! Sheila

    1. Thanks for reading this and taking the time to comment, Sheila. We follow each other on Twitter. Sue


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