Friday, 22 September 2017

What's in a Lampshade? By Emily Owen

I went out for dinner this week but, while the food was good (I had seabass risotto), the thing which really grabbed my attention was the lampshade.

That’s right; the lampshade.

The outside of it was very plain but, inside, it was rather beautifully book-lined.

As I looked, I realised that lampshades can deliver lessons.

How often have we heard, or said, or felt; “I have a book/poem inside me which is just bursting to come out”?

Externally the same as ever but, inside, where no one sees, there is a book idea germinating away.
A book-lining.

But what’s inside our book-lining?  What’s inside our life, our work, our writing?

Just as inside the book-lined lampshade was a light, so inside our hopes, inside our dreams, inside our plans, inside our writing, inside our lives, should be the Light.

The light of Christ.

Illuminating all that we have and are.

Shining out from us.

I recently attended CRT for the first time and do you know what struck me most?  In amongst the speakers and books, every person I met shone the light of Christ.

This was perhaps especially evident at the Awards ceremony.  As person after person went forward to receive recognition for ‘shop of the year’ or ‘book of the year’ or ‘volunteer of the year’, the awards themselves were that beautiful book-lining. 
The shining light inside was celebration. 
Everyone there celebrated everyone there.

Rejoice with those who rejoice. Romans 12:15

When we truly rejoice with those who rejoice, with the joy that comes from God, the light of Christ dwells in us. 
And the light of Christ shines out, lighting up all around. 
It really does. 
Just ask anyone who was at the Awards ceremony at CRT.

So, what difference, if any, would it make to our lives and writing if we were like that lampshade; keeping the Light central to all we do?

Consciously remembering to ‘walk in the light of the Lord’ (Is. 2:5)?

Letting His light shine on every step. 

Every thing we write.

Every situation we encounter.

Every response we give.

Let's try it and see…