Thursday, 28 September 2017

For Amazement by Beauty: A song of the senses by Trevor Thorn

This song of praise tries to convey the richness of the experiences of our senses
Composition: ‘Stitched segments of
 Neural pathways diagram'

(This is intended to be sung: Suggested Tune: Sans day carol - without chorus)

For amazement by beauty
we give you our praise;
for the patterns that form
in our neural pathways. 
Our brains stimulated 
by wonder and awe: 
for glimpses of glory,
we thank you, dear Lord.

For the marvel of colour
deriving from light,
and heightening each image  
revealed by our sight.  
For spirited hues 
that emotion arouse.
Give thanks for the splendours
our vision bestows. 

For delight in the fragrance
of blossom and herbs,
as we breathe in the glories
of nectars and oils:
some heady, some soothing,
some prized for their power
to promote our well-being
with root, leaf or flower.

For the myriad touches
that make us aware,
of the soft, smooth or yielding,
of the hard, harsh or spare.
When feeling such beauty
as a new-born child’s face,
there’s delight in the moment,
a great gift of grace

For the tongue and for taste buds 
that flavours detect.
For our instinct, which foods 
to enjoy or reject.
May we, who by plenty 
are mightily blessed
be preserved, Lord, from hunger,
thirst, waste or excess

For the patterns of language
that gladden the ear;
for the glory of music
as it trembles the air;
for tones and expressions
we love to applaud.
For all blessings of beauty,
we adore you, dear Lord.

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  1. I wanted to sing it to St. Denio - Immortal, invisible, but it might need a few extra notes! Sue