Friday, 1 September 2017

Using all the colours of the Rainbow in your Writing

It is an absolute privilege to be a writer. Knowing that you have written something which brings joy to others is at once humbling and thrilling. I am sure all those reading this blog will identify with this.

The picture at the top of this blog inspired my topic for today. I've been musing about the depth and breadth of my writing. The colours are a metaphor for the way in which my writing develops and grows. Am I using every tip and technique to ensure my writing is the best it can be? Am I using the full palette or sticking to a few tried and rested colours? The tried and tested may work, but think of the infinite possibilities if I, or indeed we, step,outside our comfort zones.

Now, I am not advocating going wild here. Too many different colours in a painting and it loses it subtlety and appeal. Similarly, too many different techniques in one book can cause confusion and dissatisfaction in the reader. I am, however, advising that you try some different techniques out which will enhance your current writing. Take the senses, for example. We all remember sight and sound. Smell is often there as well. But what about taste and touch? Also, what about the more. Isceral deeper feelings? What does fear do to these senses and to the body? What does exhilaration do to them?

This is just one short example of how our writing can be changed in a subtle way. You may already be doing this, but think of another technique you could develop and use more strongly to give you writing wings. There are a whole wild world of possibilities out there. Tap into them and see your writing grow and develop, right in front of your eyes.

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Wendy H. Jones is a writer, public speaker and Christian, living in Dundee, Scotland. Her crime books are set in the City.

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  1. Thank you Wendy. Brilliant advice - literally. I agree that using all the senses is vital for a piece of fiction to leap off the page and impact the reader. We must all remember this especially when we come to edit our second draft... as I am about to do! I love the image too of the rainbow of pencils!