Changing Seasons

Do you dread the changing of the seasons or welcome them?

Autumn Colours  Image via Pixabay.

My maternal grandmother hated autumn.  She saw it as the season when everything died and, ironically perhaps, passed away one September. I love autumn and know, without this season, and winter, we cannot have another spring.  There must be a cycle.  It is easier to focus on the “jollier” times of year with that lovely light, no early dark evenings, fog or heavy rain.  But we need these things if only to appreciate the nicer aspects of nature more.

Autumn Reflections.  Image via Pixabay.

The comparison with the Christian cycle for me is to recognise, for all the joy of Easter Sunday, there must be the agony of the cross on Good Friday first.  There were no shortcuts for our Lord and we shouldn’t expect any. 

I do though!  If we were given a choice as to whether we go through painful situations, wouldn’t we always choose the “no thanks” option?  It is as well this is out of our hands.

Why?  I know, looking back at unavoidable, upsetting times, I’ve learned from them, which I believe is God telling me “this is what I want you to take from this”.

Walking Your Way through the Seasons.  Image via Pixabay

In dealing with significant care issues, I could recognise when, speaking to someone else, if they had gone through it.  It was not perhaps what they said, more their manner. Others would wish me well and I appreciated their kindness but the depth behind words coming from someone who knew what I was going through at the time is almost beyond comparison.  I think of it as heart speaking to heart and God inspiring the other person “you must tell Allison this.  She needs to know she’s not alone in facing this.”  And it is good to know you are not alone.

A good summary of human weaknesses.  Image via Pixabay.

I’ve come across the “all must be well all of the time” school of thought and find this hard to accept, yet alone handle.  It is okay to be angry, to hurt, and I think it vital to recall Jesus knew all about the human experience.

He cried, he became angry, he went through a mockery of a trial and unjust treatment but He did it for us and is ahead of us, no matter what we are currently going through.  

It can feel like the darkness wants to extinguish all light.  Image via Pixabay.

I also think the Book of Job is an amazing part of the Bible.  So much honesty there…  so much unexplained - and I’ve learned to accept it is okay not to know it all now.  Sometimes that can be a relief. 

Striving to be Light in the Darkness.  Image via Pixabay

It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t strive to understand but it is acceptance, sometimes at least, things become clearer with the passing of time.  No shortcuts again! I also think we are better ambassadors for Christ if we have been “knocked about the edges” a bit.
Pressing on towards the Light.  Image via Pixabay.

People need to know our Lord is real, our faith is real, and you can’t beat  personal experiences for bringing home that reality especially when life is grim.


  1. I don't enjoy autumn. Even though I've stopped teaching, I associate it with the beginning of the academic year. I also mourn the passing of the warmth and colour of the summer. I hate walking outside to feel the chill in the air, the dampness of dew dew which never evaporates, to see flower buds on their stems and leaves going yellow and brown. J B Dykes had it right. 'Change and decay in all around I see...'

    I do however understand the need for a Christian cycle of things. Very few of us appreciate good things until we've had something to compare them to.

  2. Your last paragraph says so much. One Christian friend has recently been through the illness and death of her mother, her daughter and then her husband, and she said she didn't know how people with no faith coped with the tragedies in their lives. She is a fantastic witness to God's love.

  3. Thank you Rosemary and Veronica. It is true you don't appreciate the truly good things in life until you are in the "shadows" (which is something I took from the ACW Writers' Day on 7th October so I am sorry, ladies, for being a bit late in getting back to you!).


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