The ACW 2017 reading challenge!

A reading challenge doing the rounds at the beginning of the month suggested reading 26 books in 2017 - one book every fortnight.  The meme provided categories of books across a broad range of genres.  Well, after a few tweaks to those categories (such as taking out 'a book over 100 years old' and adding in a couple of explicitly Christian categories) I give you the ACW 2017 reading challenge!

The suggestions I've provided are not even slightly comprehensive - I think I could have published an encyclopaedia-length list - and the authors here are all, to my knowledge, members of ACW, or connected in some way through the local groups, as well as having been recommended by members of the ACW Facebook community.  What a diverse and accomplished lot we are! 

So, this year, why not broaden your reading and support fellow writers at the same time by attempting to read at least one book from each category?  Don't just stick to my list - use the comments section to add your own reads, reviews and recommendations - and don't forget to share far and wide and get others involved as well!

(Just click on a book to see more details.  All links open in a new window)


  1. Great selection ladies, well done.

  2. To this comprehensive list I must add S.L. Russell's (ACW member Sue Russell) contemporary Christian novels. Beautifully written, they have matters of faith and the challenges of life any of us might recognise, but without any of the sentimentality or predictable outcomes often associated with Christian fiction. There are quiet books, evocative, with a sublime use of language and strong, believable characters.

    1. I second that. I have just read one of her books and really enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to reading the second in the trilogy now.

  3. Such a great idea! Thank you for the challenge (and for r including my book). Ditto re S L Russell's books (see comment above). They are fabulous.

  4. Wonderful idea and glad to see my (Mari Howard's) books got in! I see a few on the list I've already read ... and several I intend to read ... manyt hanks for the work of making the list!

  5. Thanks for your work on this, Amy and Wendy. Is there any way you could post the list as a pdf somewhere, so that I can print it out and tick things off?

  6. Thank you for including Counting Stars. Unfortunately, the link is to the shop (in dollars). The UK link is:

    (All the proceeds go to Tearfund.)


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