Sunday, 21 June 2015

Impacting our culture by Ruth Johnson

In unity of faith and simple obedience the Israelites saw the walls of Jericho fall.  We may feel like grasshoppers  against the giants, but if God is with us, who can be against us!   

To each God has given:
gifts, talents, skills and abilities.....       1.Cor.12

Writing is a gift, a talent to use to impact our culture.  Letters to make a stand for injustice have value, stories or reports of God’s intervention in our lives have influence.  Books whether fact or fiction can reveal the Father’s love and imbed seeds of truth. Poems and songs are able to touch lives and lift the spirit. Signing a petition can bring change.  

Mel’s blog post this month seemed too much suffering for one woman to bear, yet Paul listed his troubles and added in 2 Cor.4:17 “For our light, momentary affliction is ever more and more abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for us an everlasting weight of glory.” Mel’s experience has grown her trust and reliance on the Lord, and I sense, Jesus would say to her, as to the woman in Matthew 9:22 “Your faith has made you whole”.  In overcoming, not only will she reap the rewards in Revelation 3, but is trained to help others in similar situations.

A doctor friend in February was bemoaning the lack of results from her years working with drug and alcohol addicts. Stirred up I began to call upon God for answers.  In April I stumbled over research that proved that a  lone rat would drink drug laced water, but with others not one rat was interested.  So my question became, “Lord addicts need to be in a community with others, but where and how?”  Then a series of events began… 

Adrian our lodger who came for three months and stayed three years has known alcohol addiction.  Over the years God replaced that need by His Spirit, bringing laughter and joy that has him leaping and jumping and praising God!  Adrian connects with a church helping those with addictions, and he'd seen the research. I told him of a Christian woman who holds prayer meetings in her café in a deprived area and welcomes addicts. He visited, his desire evolved. He began taking time off work to spend hours connecting with the Lord and other volunteers to speak and pray with those who come in. A mutual friend reminded us years ago he’d had a picture of Adrian cooking pancakes!  

By mid-May the café owner envisioned for a community venue put in a bid for a nearby derelict church.  On June 5th, God’s call to Adrian was so strong he quit work. Astonished, his workmates asked how he’d live.  His reply, “God will provide”.  He didn't know we don't charge rent to those serving the Lord.  When he did his faith soared, and he enjoyed astonishing his workmates the next day! 

Our prayers will bring a revival of Christian values and beliefs.  And we are called to bring change by using our life experiences, and investing, not hiding our talents!  

And with that thought here are the first three of six proposed books in my Hearts Desire Series. The 400 pages aim to romance the soul and spirit, but be warned each book has the power to change your life.

The first begins with Jane working in London in 1966.  From then, in two year intervals, we follow a character from the previous book. 

To read a sample, and to purchase, use either Amazon (book and kindle), or the Emanuel Publishing website (linked to my name on this site). The latter has a 'special price' with code: ACW1

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  1. What a great post, Ruth. (I've been away so have only just read it) And thank you for your comments about me - I feel humbled. What a truly inspiring story you have to tell. Thank you. I shall re-post this in the Christian Bloggers group. And I'll certainly be purchasing one of your books.