The quick-responders and the slow-processors: we need you all! by Lucy Rycroft

It has been interesting to observe and engage in writers' communities during this world pandemic.

Some writers are keen to serve their audiences by pumping out as much relevant content as they can right now. Others are struggling to know how or what to write, and have put down their pens while they process what's happening.

Some write for a job, and therefore have to keep doing it, like it or not. And still others would love to write, but their lives have just accelerated to new levels of busyness, caring for children or elderly relatives in addition to the farce of 'working from home', and there is simply no time.

Mulling over this, I marvel at the diversity of us all, and the creativity of God in making human beings so different. Isn't it awesome that some people are able to write and encourage at this time? Isn't it wonderful that others are brilliant at offering space for people to grieve and lament right now? Isn't it great that still others know to prioritise their mental health right now, even when that means not writing?

The truth is that we all have different levels of tolerance for different things, as well as different coping mechanisms and different brain-wiring. What is helpful to one won't be helpful to another. We need to acknowledge and celebrate our differences as a diverse family of God.

In particular, I want to encourage and celebrate YOU, whether you're a quick-responder or a slow-processor.

We need both. We need the quick-responders to put into words how we're feeling right now, to empathise, to encourage, to offer hope and light and a space to grieve. And we also need the slow-processors, who may not be writing anything now, but give it a month or two, and their words will offer a new depth and fresh perspective to keep us going for the long haul.

Be encouraged, in this challenging season. Don't put yourself under pressure to be creative - but if you can benefit from others' creativity, then take all you need.

We are all just getting by.


  1. Well said, Lucy! We may also find that we move from one mode to another as time goes on.

  2. Very well said! There is no point in comparing ourselves to others - we all have something to offer in these difficult times.

  3. Appreciate the encouragement and your spirit .

  4. I wonder, though, whether the medium (this blog) is as welcoming to both? I note that posts as far back as 2015 are still open to comments (apparently; I have not tried to add one) which seems to welcome slow responses, but would anyone notice if a slow responder finally entered such a response?
    (Typed in haste...)

  5. Wise words, Lucy. Left to our 'natural' selves, there is a temptation to judge others because they are doing things differently to us. I so agree with you, and with Susan and Ruth above - we are all at different stages with different circumstances and it's great that God can use all of us in His time and His way to reach people. You have expressed this beautifully.


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