The voice of the Lord

The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters   
The voice of the Lord is powerful, 
The voice of the Lord is majestic 
The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightening
The voice of the Lord shakes the desert      Psalm 29: 3,4,7,8

These words were highlighted to me in March and how His voice, and the power in us, can be in writing, song or speech.  I thought of the written legacy of people in the Bible.  I doubt Paul and others dreamt that 2,000 years later we would still be learning from their letters.  In our desire to serve the Lord He has given us the Holy Spirit and the ability to help us counteract the sin, anger, negativity and depression that abounds in our world and bring hope.   
United Christian Broadcasters celebrate this year 25 years of the Word for Today (WFT) and 10 years of being on National DAB radio.  What a testimony of a God who envisioned Ian Mackay to begin broadcasting a Christian message of hope from his front room which now has an outreach today across the world.  

In May I wrote to UCB about the WFT influence on my life and only days later Bob Gass, it’s writer, went to be with the Lord. Bob knew many lives had been changed by those daily 300 words, and in wishing to leave a legacy had written enough inspirational paragraphs to cover ten more years. The timing of my email led to my being asked by UCB talk about Bob's input that had led me to the idea of writing novels in which I could seed God’s love and His Word.  From that interview I was given the opportunity to tell my story and the above photo is of my husband and I with Ruth Reilly-Smith.
In these last six weeks the Lord has begun to open not just my life, but the plans and purposes of others seeking to serve Him.  Three weeks ago I'd not heard of Richard Gamble or his fifteen year old vision to build a memorial wall to the Lord, based on the Israelites taking stones from the Red Sea to build a monument that would remind future generations of miracles God had performed.  Similar to many Christian projects and dreams Richard told us nothing happened for years. And then a couple of years ago it began to open up, they have made various videos, but on seeing the latest one faith leapt within me.  Later the Lord reminded me when Elizabeth met the pregnant Mary, she had felt her baby leap in the womb. 

Elizabeth's baby of course was John the Baptist, called to prepare the way of the Lord.  I believe today Christians are being called to prepare the way for His return.  We, as writers, can be part of this vision that aims to have a database of a million answers to prayer.  When ‘The Wall’ is built people will be able to point their monile phones towards it, the Gospel message will be released, and they can tap into the database to hear an answered prayer relevant to them.  
Even if you don’t feel an interested in this project, I am sure you will find encouragement in hearing the way God is moving to bring this venture into being.  And I know those involved would be delighted if you feel able to pass the link on, eg Facebook.  



  1. Thanks for this Ruth. It’s inspirational. I have shared the link via FB and will take my computer to share it with our prayer group this morning

  2. Inspiring purpose: paving the way
    Thank you for your blogpost!

  3. Thank you, Ruth, for the reminder of perspective of what our small offerings in writing may go on to be part of. You reminded me of another verse about God's voice:
    'So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed' (Is 55.11)
    And what a beautiful and active memorial wall to hear about.


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