Writng Without The Oomph

Bad day? Not written anything worthwhile, if anything at all? Do you feel like giving up or that you're the worst writer ever?

Here's some news. You may well be the worst writer ever, but just for one day.

I don't know of one writer in the history of writing who managed to write well every day of their lives. It happens to us all so don't feel bad about it, or let it get you down, as there are other things you can do to rekindle the oomph.

- Write something absolutely awful that you can happily delete at the end of the day. Trashy romance story, the bad jokes your dad told you, shopping list, the reasons your spouse should be buried in soft peat etc. You never know, something good may come of it. Probably not, but at least you know you'll delete it when you're finished

- Stream of consciousness. Just write down all your thoughts in one long rambling piece of writing without worrying about spelling, grammar or even words. If you feel like *)"£(%$)"£&%$)£%&), then write that down. When you're done, delete it...or trawl through it and scare yourself with what goes through your mind.

- Read fiction. All day if you want to. If anyone questions you, you're researching a new writing style.

- Write an email...or seven. Complain to your bank, your MP, your best friend. Send something nice to a relative. (I'm assuming you haven't got the email addresses of those you don't like). Finally write that review of the shop that gave you bad service, or the restaurant, or the garage you'll never go back to again. If nothing else, you'll let off some steam.

- Listen to music. And while you're listening, dance as if no one's watching. If someone is watching and videoing it, make sure they mention you're writer when they post it on youtube. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

We all have bad days. Accept them, live with them then leave them behind.


  1. Love these, Martin, particularly as I've had a few of those days recently! I think I shall have to take note of your instruction to read fiction all day...

  2. 'Flumadiddle' ... oh wow, that's definitely a word I will find the opportunity to use at some point! Thanks for this post, Martin. I find it hugely comforting and humorous, which I appreciate. I'm off now to work on my shopping list. :D

  3. Sometimes I feel completely lost. Don't have a clue what to write.


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