My Favourite Easter Characters - Thomas and Peter

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My favourite Easter characters are Thomas and Peter.  Easter shows them up as fallible human beings and I find that reassuring. 

I also love the tales of Mary mistaking Jesus for the gardener and the Emmaus disciples not recognizing Him until he broke bread with them.  Frankly, there are times I miss the obvious…  It is good to know I’m not alone on that!

The Crucifixion
He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!
Thomas, for me, is still continuing his ministry.  Why?  It is thanks to his story my belief in the resurrection is strengthened.  Indeed the story of Thomas confirms the resurrection.  It is such a mind-boggling event and beyond all human experience, people would have doubted at the time.  Thomas, bless him, says so, yet Jesus deals with those doubts by removing them. 

I love Thomas for being honest enough to not suppress his doubts.  Also, when confronted by Jesus, Thomas didn’t make excuses.  He came back with, to me, the perfect response to having his doubts swept away - “My Lord and My God”. 

Salisbury Cathedral Easter scene - image by Allison Symes
I wonder if Thomas ever had doubts again.  What I assume is, if he did, he would not have any hesitation in taking them to Jesus.  It can be too easy at times to pretend all is well, to feel you must put on a “face” because it is what is expected of you (this can be your own perception!).  None of that with Thomas.  What you see is what you get.  Another sound reason to like the guy!

The apostles
As for Peter, one thought that occurs to me every Easter is in his shoes, what would I have done when fear took over?  Would I have denied Jesus three times?  Frankly, yes.  I think most of us would have done so.  It is so easy to see where Peter is coming from and in many ways, this makes him, for me, the apostle for whom I have the greatest sympathy.  Devoted to his Lord, yet when the pressure is on… 

Later, despite everything, Peter races to the empty tomb with John.  Peter did show his true colours there.  Despite knowing he had denied Jesus three times, Peter still wants to be there.  What was he hoping for on the way to the tomb?  Did he dare allow himself to hope anything?  Did he think, somehow, Jesus would know Peter still cared?

Icon Image of St. Peter
What matters, ultimately, is Peter was restored - and so will we be every time we fail God if we show, as Peter did, true love for our Lord and recognise the need to be restored. 

Peter and Thomas then, despite denial and doubting, have a positive ministry still.  Their testimony lives on long after them and points to the Living Lord Jesus.  Ultimately, their lives revealed a faith with denials and doubts all swept away.  For me, their faith was real because they had those doubts and failings in the first place.  What mattered was those doubts and failings were overcome.

The wonderful Easter stories...  Light overcoming darkness.


  1. Very thoughtful, Allison. These characters have always been very lifelike. And I love your photos.

  2. Thank you, Rosemary. Sorry only just spotted your comment. A clear case of my missing the obvious again!


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