Top 5 Reasons Why I Write by Ruth Clemence

Top 5 Reasons Why I Write

Here is a little glimpse into some of the reasons of why I write. Why do you write? Let me know in the comments below! 

1) I enjoy it. 

It's fun to create something from nothing and watch the words take shape and form sentences. As I take great enjoyment from it, it's easy to spend time doing what I love. Time flies when you're having fun as the saying goes.

2) It helps me to process my thoughts.

Whether I am writing a shopping list, jotting down ideas for an article, writing in my prayer journal, blogging about a piece of news or something else that involves my words, it is a process. I think as I write. Sometimes I plan, but a lot of the time I just take to the keyboard or paper and type or scribble away. Thoughts are fashioned as I go.

3) Since I was 18, I knew that writing was what I really wanted to do.

I remember having a conversation with a friend about life after college. It was a sunny day. We were just hanging out. Life was relatively carefree. In a simple sentence I shared that I knew 'I wanted to write and to help people'. That was it. I had no idea that at that moment I had cancer growing in me. Several months later, I gave birth to a blog to document my experiences and thoughts (linking to point 2). I am still blogging today!

4) It brings together a whole community of writers.

Although writing is often done in solitude, it does not need to be isolating. I have been blessed by blogging communities where fellow bloggers will come together and share their posts online at a specific time. The aim is to read other posts and be encouraged, to share them and discuss different topics. It's fun, it's inclusive and it's an online community for the writer who spends a lot of time at the computer! The ACW is another example of a community of Christian writers coming together who love to write, encourage and inspire one another.

5) To tell people the good news that is found in Jesus Christ.

Living in the UK, I can see that there is a real need to communicate the saving grace and love of Jesus to a generation that desperately needs to experience God's love for themselves. I write to share the gospel, to see lives transformed by God and to experience a deeper love for God for myself. Writing enables me to share my heart with people all across the world and it is my prayer that God will open the eyes of each reader to be transformed by God's love. For love is who God is.

Ruth Clemence is a Christian writer and blogger living in South West England. She has written for The War Cry, The Baptist Times, threads and The Herald newspaper in Plymouth. A graduate in Geography with International Relations, she has swapped a map and compass for a pen and notebook to pursue that writer life. When she is not writing, she is either working at the hospital, being sociable somewhere or reading a good book (not necessarily in that order).


  1. Hi Ruth. 5 excellent reasons. Well done.

  2. I write because it's the only thing I'm good at! Also because I love language, am often overflowing with ideas and want to share them, and because I want to show people that they are not the only ones thinking or experiencing the things that I think or experience.


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