I Thought of a Title This Time. By Dan Cooke

I thought of a title this time.

A few months ago I posted about how creativity can be elusive, though we have creative fingers we want to flex sometimes our minds are just not in the game, and the energy is just not there.
Now let's  talk about inspiration.

I mentioned in the aforementioned post that I like to collaborate from time to time as it helps the juices flow and leads to bigger and more intricate and interesting creations.

Now I think it is a natural thing for us who want to create, to surround ourselves with other people of a similar mindset, those who also want to create. Whether you do what I do and build off each other is another matter entirely but I think that one thing we all want to do, and do our best to do, is inspire each other and ourselves by surrounding ourselves with these other creative's.

Those who have read some of my prior posts will have seen that I have a friend who is an incredibly gifted artist, and seeing her drawings inspired me to pick up the pencil in that way again, something I hadn't done in years before that time.

Do something great and inspire those around you.
This same friend is the reason this post right here exists, as they openly came up with the suggestion for this post. They told me that reading the blog posts up here had inspired them to improve their vocabulary, and in turn, their own writing. On my end, seeing the drawing inspired me to write more, seeing the image gave me strength to again think about a character and project that had been dead in the water for some time, and out of that many more projects have sparked.

So sometimes maybe when we hit a slump, or even when we are feeling like we are on top of our game, we could change our attitude towards our reason for writing, if only for a while.

So instead of thinking "I don't know what to write about today." or "Why is the mood not striking me." we could instead think and operate our work with an attitude of, "How can I inspire someone else's work today."

Inspiring others can bring such joy to both them and ourselves, and, after all, Inspiration is one of the key things we are all about.


  1. That's so encouraging Dan, good to remember that even if we don't feel inspired in our own writing we can still be a blessing to other people.

    And I love how your friend has been blessed by this blog. Yay for ACW! x


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