Monday, 25 December 2017

The Coming of the Light

Well, here we are again. For me, the Christmas season feels more frenetic every year, despite all my good intentions about having everything organised down to the last sprout. One of the things God has been reminding me of this year, however, is that the world that Jesus was born into wasn't perfect, either. And I've wondered how it all would have looked from Mary's perspective...

How did it feel, to trudge the miles,

That led to Bethlehem

And only find an ox’s byre

With room to shelter them?

In darkness and obscurity

She laboured long that night;

Her cries of anguish heralding

The coming of the Light.

Through sweat and bloody toil, the child

Was born: a baby boy

Who nuzzled gently at her breast

As Joseph wept with joy.

Then finally, her ragged tears

Gave way to raw delight,

As cradled in her arms she saw

The coming of the Light.

What did she think when shepherd folk

Came knocking at the door?

Was she surprised when – one by one –

They knelt upon the floor?

She heard them speak in reverent tones –

Their words still tinged with fright –

Of how the angels had proclaimed

The coming of the Light.

Was she perturbed when travellers

Paid homage to her son,

And said a star had guided them

To find God’s special One?

Gold, frankincense and myrrh they brought,

In caskets, gleaming bright:

Such costly gifts acknowledging

The coming of the Light.

Did she recall the prophecies

That paved the way for grace?

And did she recognise God’s plan

Wrapped close in her embrace?

For now that child is Lord and King

Enthroned in power and might;

Inviting all to celebrate

The coming of the Light.

On behalf of ACW, may I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Fiona Lloyd is vice-chair of the Association of Christian Writers, and is married with three grown-up children. Her first novel, The Diary of a (trying to be holy) Mum, will be published by Instant Apostle in January 2018. Fiona works part-time as a music teacher, and is a member of the worship-leading team at her local church.

Twitter: @FionaJLloyd


  1. This is wonderful, Fiona. Happy Christmas to you and yours x

  2. Lovely, Fiona, thank you!
    Happy Christmas to all who are reading this.

    1. Thanks, Janey. Happy Christmas to you, too! xx

  3. Great poem! Just right for today.

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for this Fiona. Happy Christmas! X

  5. Thank you! Happy Christmas to you all, too. xx

  6. Great stuff. A happy Christmas to you too.

  7. It's not often I think about it all from her perspective. Great poem, Fiona. You have such good command of rhythm - which shouldn't be surprising, given your musicality!

  8. Aw, thanks, Fran! Glad you liked it. xx

  9. What a wonderful poem, Fiona, I really love it! Can I keep a copy?

    1. Of course - so pleased you like it! Would you like me to email you a copy?