Thursday, 28 December 2017

Closing the Folio of The Year by Trevor Thorn

A long-lasting bubble on a leaf:
 image evoking thoughts on the passing of time

Comes the time to close the folio of the year.
To revisit the leaves that dropped day-after-day,
since earth’s last new circuit of our life-giving star,
piled a deep rug of experiences in multi-hued array

Your experiences,
your community’s experiences,
the experiences of the whole world, great and small
gradually infusing greens, yellows,
orange, reds and browns
as some leaves, gently, and others abruptly fall.

Some joy, some sadness, some anger, some elation,
some excitement, some anxieties, some welcome relaxation;
and that branch, which formerly bore
your personal assertions and transformations.

Whatever flurries caused the foliage to fall around you,
events both sombre and fair,
look back to the moments it has been good to be thankful - and offer thanks -
for these are the sap and the buds for next year’s prayer.

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