Saturday, 30 December 2017

Selling Your Books Online

Do you have a website? Do you sell your books via it? How much hassle is it?

I've tried selling various things online over the years, including a drama course, to no real effect. I've built websites, hooked up with Amazon and tried eBay. The problem I faced in those days, 10-15 years ago, was the lack of support and having to do most things myself while having kids around and, for part of the time at least, a full time job.

I've been looking at it again recently, and not just self publishing via Amazon. Things have changed. A lot. In 2018 you can get a good online presence for a small(ish) cost and look professional while doing so. The likes of Amazon, eBay and several others across the world are no longer just shops, but are now shopping centres and are always looking for new stores to slot into their expanding online presence.

During this research, I came across short series of articles on the BBC website about online selling which provide a lot of good advice which I've listed below.

Enjoy the read and get ready to build an online publishing site.

1. Secrets to Selling Online 

2. Going Global

3. Spreading the Word


If you are interested in the business technology, such as how it's helping Africans build a business in Somalia or how phones apps can save lives, the BBC have a section about tech in business which may be worth looking at from time to time.

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