Well here I am by Annie Try

Well here I am at 4.30 am sitting here writing the blog.  I arrived home last night too zonked to even think, let alone write.  Normally up until 11.30 pm, I was in bed by 9.15 = my mind still not in gear.

Why this state of great tiredness?

The AGM and Writers’ Day in London.  A wonderful day - exhausting for all the committee members who were there, and probably the delegates  - not just me.  It began with a very early start for all of us who hadn’t stayed in London. I was one of the lucky ones rolling out of bed as late as 5.15 am to be ready for the the early train.  Our speakers, Emma and Glen Scrivener, were delayed - they had walked out of their home to find that their car was no longer there - it had been stolen in the night.  We had a phone call to say they might be late.  But, incredible people that they are, they walked in just before we started.  I was rther pleased to see them!

The AGM is a difficult meeting = everyone wants to get on with the day but, for the sake of the Charities Commission, we have some business to get through first.  This mainly consists of me trying to encourage members to propose and second acceptance of the reports.  We managed it all somehow and then fell into an incredible, inpirational day.

Glen spoke first = he talked about Telling God’s Stories, beginning with ‘Words are magic - that’s why we spell them!’  I can’t do justice to what he said - my notebook has captured phrases like ‘Our God is the speaking God - in the beginning was the Word’.  Glen looked at stories as being discovered, explored the seven literary themes (James Jordan) and compared God’s story to the world’s. But most of all he inspired, motivated and excited us.

Emma’s gentle approach expanded the theme to telling our own stories.  She encouraged us find our unique story and voice, and led us through the process of  being able to write about our lives to inspire and lift others.  She showed us not to be afraid of sharing saying ‘When I stand in front of Jesus he loves me as I am’.  A talented speaker, she had us spellbound.  For the first time, I wondered whether God wants me to write a memoir.  Would I ever be brave enough to do so?

The workshop gave us opportunity to try - writing about momentous episodes in our lives that gave us ‘life’ or ‘death’.  There were some tears in the room, some unearthing of things previously unwritten and a discovery that we are able to write about our own lives.

So here I am, at 5.30 in the morning, praying that God will show me the next steps in my writing journey.

Thank you to Glen and Emma, and to all the committee who worked together to make this day exhausting, incredible and magical.

Annie Try is the pen-name of Angela Hobday, Chair of the Association of Christian Writers.  She is the author of three novels, the latest two, Trying to Fly and Out of Silence have come out this year and are both Dr Mike Lewis Stories


  1. You captured the day brilliantly... Even with no sleep! And there were a few giggles on the tube and train to boot! 😀

  2. It was a wonderful day. Thank you so much to you and the committee for all your hard work.

  3. Sounds like it was amazing x

  4. It was great, the committee's work is much appreciated. I was very inspired and encouraged, both by the speakers and by chats with other delegates.

  5. Well done, Annie. There is no way I can write anything at that unearthly hour! It was a truly great day though.

  6. I am so impressed at your being able to write this at 4.30 a.m. I too went to bed about 9.30pm and my head was buzzing with all the things that had been said and all the insights shared, and the new thoughts and ideas and feelings the day had given me. Thank you for your hard work and for leading the AGM so patiently! It's inevitable that these days can stir us up and agitate us as well as inspire and uplift us, so let's hand that all to God.

  7. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Sorry about no photos of the day - I didn’t have any at the time I wrote the blog and wasn’t sure I should use those already on Facebook without permission. Also, sorry that I seem to have used the equals sign in a few places instead of a dash. They look the same to me most of the time so no wonder I was never much good at maths!

  8. Thanks, Annie, sounds like it was amazing. I was very inspired by listening to Nadia Hussein at our Literature Festival. A writer as well as a cook. Wish I could have been at the ACW meeting but we can't do everything and life is very busy at present. Hope to be at the next, though.


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