Monday, 30 October 2017


Looking for information? What do you use? Google no doubt. How would you like to go direct to the source?

I may just have the blog for you in that case as I'm going to list a few sites that give some interesting, useful and occasionally downright silly information.

1. The British Library

Access their online catalogue, the newspaper archive, and lots more besides, including some books dating back to the time of Jesus Christ. The site also let's you know what exhibitions they have coming up.

2. Improbable Research

Looking to see what the cutting edge of science is doing? Look no further. On this site you can find out what the latest strange research is. Are chocolate and tea better than flouride for our teeth? Can you train crows to pick up and collect dog ends? This is also the site that awards the ignobels every year. In short, research that makes you go 'ungh?', then makes you think.

3. The National Archives

Wills, military records, the domesday book, parish records. There's a lot of this online, but the site will also help you find what you want and then tell you where it's located.

4. World Digital Library

Books and records from around the world. Maps, photos and other information (not all of it in English), a treasure trove that might keep you from writing for hours...or days if you're lucky.

5. Sacred Texts

Want to know more about Hinduism or Native American religion? Look no further. Virtually all religions and faiths are covered plus Nostradamus and UFOs.

6. Bible

Search the bible online via Bible Gateway, or use the online version of Strong's Concordance for any in depth research.

7. Star Trek

Want to know which actors appeared in your favourite episode? Look no further.

8. Household

Get your kids (or husband) to do things the easy way by pointing them at some websites that'll show them how to clean: 10 uses for baking soda, laundry hacks, housecleaning hacks and oven cleaning.

9. European Union

Information direct from the horses mouth. Find out how the law is made and the difference between a law and a directive.

10. The Law

UK law that is. Get up to date information. Site is provided by the National Archives.

11. National Statistics

Does what it says on the tin. Good site for insomniacs. Allied to this site is the local statistics page from the ONS.

12. Crime Map

FInd out how many people have done what in any area you choose to research.

13. Creative Commons License

Want to keep copyright but allow people to share? Then this is for you.

14. Arts Council Grants

Just in case you want to apply.

15. Online Etymology Dictionary

The history of English words in one easy place.

If you want to know how I got this list, the answer's simple. I collect the links. Don't ask why unless you want me to bore you with my search parameters and what I used to do with my spare time.



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