Thursday, 8 October 2015

Easy? by Annie Try

I suppose it all started on our Church holiday.
When the speaker said he had a word for me later, I blurted out ‘Why later?  Tell me now, I can’t wait!’  The others, who were stood around praying, looked startled – but waited while the word came:
Habbakuk 3:19 – ‘Hinds’ feet on high places’ that was a bit of a shock – me, quiet me who never felt comfortable speaking in public, in high places?  The rest of the word was that it would be easy.  Ah, that’s all right then.
But now, today, here I am, the suddenly promoted ACW Acting Chair, stood locked out of my room at the CRT conference in my bare feet and posh dress wondering what is happening.  I am very nervous about a short presentation speech I have to give this evening.  I should be in a reception – talking to ACW’s guests and award winners – including The Famous Writer, Adrian Plass.  I should have my presentation speech ready in my freshly purchased evening bag with my face nicely made up and my hair beautifully arranged.
I am determined not to panic as my colleague, Wendy, rushes back to the main building to find someone to open my door.  I can’t do it, because it’s a long way to go, outside, without shoes.
She’s back.  She’s found no-one.  We ring reception and a very nice voice from a machine tells me that the office closes at 6.30 pm – it is now 6.40 pm.  I tell Wendy to get changed and go over without me.  We find an emergency number just before she sprints off looking wonderful in a red satin dress with matching shoes.
I ring the number ‘Oh no, love, we can’t help we’re off site.’  I spend time explaining that this is an emergency – and I need help.  It is probably the note of panic in my voice that helps convince him that it really is an emergency, of sorts.  I go into Wendy’s room to wait. Finally, I start to pray ‘What’s happening God – I was so organised?’
The time waiting becomes a precious time of prayer.  I realise I needed a quiet time, a special time in His presence, I begin to laugh and relax.
It takes a further half an hour for two people to rush up the corridor and pound on Wendy’s door – when I open it they reel away.  ‘How did you do that?’ asks one of the two men.  Several minutes later, I’ve managed to help them understand that I am locked out, not in, and that the room across the corridor really is mine and I desperately need to get into it. They let me in.
I throw on a cardigan, shoes and tights – drag a hairbrush through my hair, grab speech (which mostly consists of a strange poem concocted from Adrian’s book titles) then stroll calmly over to the main building.  I walk into the dining room, smiling. I have missed the reception but am able to catch up with the meal before the main course.   I have met with my King and am ready for anything.

'Annie Try' is the pen-name of Angela Hobday, the Acting Chair of the Association of Christian Writers.  As Angela she has written many psychology journal papers and co-written four books on working therapeutically with children.  As Annie Try, her first YA novel, Losing Face, has been published by Roundfire Books.  She recently completed a sequel and two novels for adults.  She is active on the leadership team of The Vine Community Church, Littleport.


  1. I'm even more excited about your role as Acting Chair now Angela. Our Daddy God is pretty amazing, isn't He?! Would love to read your 'strange' poem sometime too pleeeeaase x

  2. This is an amazing post and such an encouragement - so often when I'm set to speak I have everything ready and then wonder why I don't feel ready and of course I need my time with God - it's becoming a better habit but I sometimes still forget ;) I love am this story

  3. Brilliant, Angela, and a timely reminder that He has all the details in hand.