Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A joint venture by Sue Russell

This is not a plug, shameless or otherwise, I promise.

A few months ago our redoubtable webmaster Wendy posted on the idea of contributing to anthologies, and I thought people might be interested and encouraged to hear my own recent experience.

I belong to two writers' groups: an ACW regional one and another, secular, group to which I have belonged for a dozen years or more. I have seen people come and go during that time but there remains a core of long-standing members, and this year has seen the preparation of an anthology of stories and poems with eight contributors from this second group, some who have been members for years and others who have come along more recently.

The anthology saw the light of day last month, following  a great deal of of work: by individual members choosing and honing their respective pieces, by myself proof-reading the whole text, but principally by one member who has the relevant experience and therefore the complex tasks involved in self-publishing. I am in awe of her skills and bottomless patience.

For three of those eight people, this is the first time they'd seen their work in print, and it was an exciting moment. One person (exaggerating rather, but then she's a writer) said, 'From newbie to published author in two hours - I call that a result!' (Two hours is the length of our meetings.) Two of the contributors are gentlemen in their late eighties, so clearly age is no barrier to aspiration and achievement.

Of course the contents of our tome vary greatly - in subject-matter, in sources of inspiration, in levels of competence, among other things. It's taken us many months and a lot of work, but as a celebration of what these very different writers can do it's been well worth it.


  1. That's brilliant! Congratulations to all concerned.

  2. What a fabulous venture and achievement. Could you add a link for purchase Sue.

  3. It's now available on Amazon. Sadly, hefty postage applies, so that what was good value (£7.99 for a 300+ page book) now becomes rather expensive. I can bring copies at cost to ACW events from time to time if people are interested. What I should have mentioned is the £1 per copy sold going to Ellenor Lions Hospices.